Friday, 2 November 2012

La Nueva Evita is at it again

    Diverging briefly to the land of the rumba and the glories of Buenos Aires, we find our Nueva Evita, the Queen Cristina of Argentina, turning away from threatening the United Kingdom with annihilation over the issue of the Falklands, and giving much deserved attention to the issue of giving  16 year=old ignorami the right to vote.
     You see, the decisions made by old people affect the new people and the new people do not have any say about what the old people are trying to do to the new people.  So, in reality, The Queen of Argentina is being a moderate about this voting issue.   You see, there are a lot of people who think that the old over 40 years old....should just be taken out an shot, because they are not "with it" and they don't know how to have fun, sniff glue, do graffiti, and sneak around and lie to their parents.
     So, when there are these imbalances and extreme positions being taken by all sides, the Queen Cristina of Argentina proposes a moderate solution.   She assures that the old people will not be taken out and shot, but only taxed to death, thereby extending their lives for a few years that will be beneficial to those who are in need.   Those who have too much will be allowed to gradually evaporate their bounty by feeding hordes of young people so vital to Argentina, and to the freshening of the graffiti on walls long neglected by urban gangs and ruffians.   And those younger people who wish to finally have a say will be further included in the national debates.  Queen Cristina of Argentina differs with the radicals who want to extend the voting age and the age of consent down to 8 years, and she has deigned that, in the spirit of compromise, the age of 16 will be the age of qualification of electors, and the age of consent will be left on the table for further deliberation.   Perhaps consultation with the American institutions, Planned Parenthood and the National Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) will be able to provide needed guidance.

Argentina Lowers Voting Age as Fernandez Tries to Regain Footing

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.
 Photographer: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images
Fernandez has courted young voters since being elected in 2007, naming members of the government-aligned “La Campora” youth group to top positions and tapping funds from the social security agency to provide students with free laptops. Expanding the suffrage to those aged 16 and above may help build support for the government even further as the opposition tries to capitalise on growing frustration with Fernandez’s handling of the economy, political analyst Carlos Fara said. “The government believes that the more politically active young people will vote for the ruling party,” said Fara, who runs Carlos Fara & Asociados in Buenos Aires. Article,, 'Argentina Cuts Voting Age as Fernandez Aims to Boost Support


Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, with her dictator
husband, Juan Peron.  She was within
days of her appointment with eternity when this
picture was taken.  She died in 1952 at the age of
33, leaving behind her 55 year old husband to grieve
briefly.  Evita's body turned into a golden corpse, and
it was thought to be a sign from Heaven that she would
always be "with" the Argentines.   Odd, because the
word 'Argentina" means "like Silver, or land of Silver"
in the archaic Spanish of the period of the area's naming.

File:Evita color.jpg
Evita shortly before her diagnosis
We further urge the OROGs to join in, during these days of All Souls and All Saints celebrations throughout Latin America with this linkage to a site that details the necrophiliac hysteria that accompanied the entire Peron - Evita period, following her death.   It has been said that if a person can be made to understand baseball, he will understand the Americans.  Likewise, if a person can possibly understand the national psychosis that is the worship of a golden mummy, a ghost of invention that is real because it is false, that "is" although it never was, that was and so will never have been....then he will understand the Argentines.
Open this linkage to "understand" the Argentines:

     Perhaps, in this case, if it were not so funny, it would be sad.   But, suffice it to say, Queen Cristina is not a possessor of the charms and intellectual deftness of Maria Eva Duarte.   Although Maria Eva was a provinciana from the ranches, she had in-born 'class'....Cristina was high born to extreme upper-middle-class urban and urbane people, but she was always a Miss Flukie - type lower class, hippy, neo-commie.   And she is always and shall ever remain a Miss Flukie - type, lower class, hippy, neo-commie.    Please review again the Bloomberg identifier of issue underneath the picture of Queen Carolina of Argentina where it explains how HRH took money out of the social security fund to buy lap-tops for the "young people".  Shades of Obama's "free cellphones for foodstampers and medicaid people"....!   All pinko marxists are the same....No Boundaries....No frontiers....!   We are the 99%!
More Later, we have to catch up on why Bush didn't learn anything about how to run a disaster.   We need a Federal Agency to help all these advanced industrial sophisticated union shop people.....that way it would be free becaue the government would pay for it.
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