Friday, 9 November 2012

Albatross, Straw Man, Red Herring

     During the autopsy season following an election, there are the predictable people who come forth to say that the Republicans will cease to exist because they are an exclusive, discriminating group that prohibits the entry of people "who do not look like them".    This although we have two Latin seated governors, and two South Asian seated governors, who in each case are divided equally between girls and boys.
      Let us be perfectly frank about these things.   It is the country-club, liberal Republican element that has always resisted the participation within the any meaningful way...of the unwashed, the Mexicans, the Negroes, the working-class, the blue collar, the classical conservative thinkers....who in fact constitute most of the growth in the party that it has seen since 1976.
       The Bushes, the RNC and almost  the entire party leadership in almost all cases, speak in unintelligible, unintelligent, gibberish, conditionalising their positions, and never staking out hard ground, and hard positions because...quite frankly...they have no principles in terms of philosophy.   Their position is almost always seems to be some variation of, "We can do what the Democrats do, just a little cheaper".

     Tbe strange oddity is that the Country Club Republicans lose the elections and then blame the conservatives who had nothing to do with the loss.
     Straightforward thinking...shooting down the demogoguery and cranking out the vote is how we can win.   We can flood the polls again by going back to the 1980 and 1984.
     It is becoming clear that the reason Rasmussen and Gallup and even El Gringo Viejo were wrong about this entire election was because of the failure to admit to the invalidity of the original premise.   We knew that there was significant weakness in the Republican turn-out looming.   People, with my own disposition, have long since tired of  being tolerated by the country club Republicans only for so long as we make phone calls and nail signs and lick envelopes and then vote for Bob Dole....because it was "his time".    And we have tired of going back to our hovels while the "important professionals and experts" go back to their fancy saloons and talk over aged scotch about how "we almost made it this time".   "If it just hadn't been for the ulta-radical conservatives scaring the black vote away...or the geezers...or the left handed lesbian lithuanian salmon fishing boat operators from southwestern  East Virginia.  We would have won this time.   Too many conservatives...too many people who worry about debt and deficit...and guns....and dead babies that haven't even been born."


     BUT~~~El Gringo Viejo did not think that the rightwing crazies like me would ever dream of saying ..... and then doing .... the often repeated and undone threat.   We wanted Caine, we wanted some better than Santorum, we wanted something...but we knew that Romney would run a good race and lose.   The Republican establishment talked itself into supporting Romney, because "he was the only one who could win", according to the country-clubbers.
     Bit by bit he ran a good race...for a moderate...who did not want to truly inspire America, but did want to fix it so that it would be a place where the poor could have their flat screens and free cell phones with free time and their free food and their free homes and their free schooling, and their free whatever.
     And we knew.   Little things burned out the rightwing crazies.  The worst one was probably the notion that we ....."needed to keep the good parts of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative."   Other things came saying "Oh yes!   We agree that Mubarek needed to go, we congratulate Obama for getting rid of Mubarek".....and then the failure to call him the cowardly liar that he is....All of those things dug up the past about his pride in being able to bring socialised medicine to Massachussets and "work across the aisle" with the worst of the very, very worst leftist, labour union slime in the  American political pantheon.
    Boston, and the big dig.   Kennedy's perpetural tunnel (ing) project.   Originally budgetted for 2,000,000,000 dollars and two year's work, finally being almost finished after burning up over 30,000,000,000 dollars  and 16 years.   It had been perhaps the biggest, lardiest, most corrupt public construction project in the history of the Republic, and yet Romney was proud of working with them.
     Romney could have blown Obama out of the water on the immigration issue simply by pointing out that his auntie and uncle had been living illegally in the United States on complete public assistance, at almost incredible expense to the taxpaying public, while "someone" arranged for extremely costly law firms to represent them in various courts for every issue ranging from immigration and deportation proceedings to welfare fraud to DWI in collision on multiple cases and counts,
      But,Romney was not a fighter.   He was brave enough to let sympathetic super-PAC people defame other Republicans in the primaries, while keeping his own hands ostensibly clean.  It is still thought that his people collaborated with Gloria Alred to foist a set of baseless rumours onto the stage concerning Herman Caine.  The rumours disappeared, but so did Herman Caine as a leader of the pack.
      But,  when dealing with an out and out lying, no holds barred marxist with the sake of the Republic in the balance, Romney could not override his better nature and become a fighter.   And the rightwing crazies said, "To hell with it", and they did not vote....They saw Romney delivering the Republic to the ash heap one day later than Obama.   They saw Romney, finally, as the guy who would say,"Well if we reduce the tax rate by 1.334 percent on people making 12,000 dollars every quarter, and gradually increase the rate on people making less than 64.22 times more than the median interceptor of the Gladian factor of the inverse quotient of 0.04% of the combined cost of living increases for the upper 39% of income earners.....blah........blah............blahblah."
      Herman Caine's 9  -   9  -   9   proposal had to be ridiculed to Hell and beyond because it was the only thing that would really work.   Caine's notion ...nay, correct.  First tell the central government that this is what you are going to have..or less, and you will adjust your expenditures to that level.   Southerner know that Caine would have used the ammunition necessary and would have rewritten the rules of any debates so as not to have a slob like the woman who corrected Romney by affirming that Obama's lie was actually the truth, (something she had to retract the next day...when of course it was too late).   Mr. Caine, also, had the prescence of a man with black African ancestry who was a true product of the Amerian experience, while Obama had none.


    NOW, CLOSING...The numbers are truly shocking.    There were about 12,000,000 FEWER overall votes when comparing the 2008 presidential election with the 2o12 election.   Obama did not come near increasing his gross vote or his percentage of the take.   A last measure, it appears that he had something less than 9,500,000 fewer votes this time as opposed to his last run and  1.7% less percentage of the total.

     Romney did a little better in very few places.  He did better than McCain' s pitiable run in 2008 in Utah for instance, but in the final analysis he gained 1.7 million more  votes and 2.8% more percentage than John McCain's hopelessly stupid, losing, pointless run.   Which of course...that failure was blamed on Sarah Palin...who actually brought McCain into a significant lead before McCain's greater willingness to defend Obama than to defend Palin resulted in his fall into a dismal 2nd place against a person with no qualifications and no resume' and whose only claim to fame is that he hates America, white people, conservatives of any race or colour, and free enterprise.
     Rightwing crazies did not vote in the numbers necessary to defeat the United Nations-type,  marxist, narcissist.   They saw Romney as just a weaker cup of tea, whose leaves are from the same bush.

WE THINK THAT THE NEXT ELECTION MAY WELL BE HAVE A CENTER RIGHT CANDIDATE BEING PROMULGATED BY A COMING TOGETHER OF THE CONSTITUTIONALISTS FROM VARIOUS POSITIONS ON THE RIGHT....INCLUDING ALL CONSERVATIVE  REPUBLICANS.  That amalgamation could defeat an emasculated Republican party of pinky libs and the truly "democratic socialist" party that the Democrat Party became some years back.   What we have now only guarantees the ruin of the Republic.
El Gringo Viejo
(and yes, egv did vote, straight Republican.  This was his 12th presidential...straight Republican.  And in by-elections, straight Republican)

Comparative Totals and Percentages
Barack Obama (Democrat) 69,498,516   (52.93%)
John McCain (Republican) 59,948,323   (45.65%)                          Total   -     129, 446, 839

Barack Obama                   59, 946, 022 (51.2%)
Mitt Romney                       57, 263, 941  (48.8%)                           Total  -    117, 209, 963