Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sorry Global Warming Kooks. (up-date, 9 November 2012)

Precisely 101% of the reason for the effects of Hurricane Sandy having been so "devastating" were for the following reasons:
         (1)   Happenstantial strike at another place of considerable population.
        (2)    The interaction of the Hurricane with a Continental Polar air mass that provided for a collision in and along the Appalachian Mountains affecting eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey,  West Virginia, downstate New York, and to a lesser extent Connecticutt, Rhode Island, and Massachussets.    The cold system was much stronger than the tropical system, and helped accentuate the winds of the Hurricane by providing for an intense pressure gradient between the two systems.
       (3)     The effects of wind-driven welling of sea water onto the beaches of the nothern half of New Jersey, and at the mouth of the Hudson and East Rivers, and through Long Island Sound, as well as Staten Island was accentuated by the fact that the arrival of the strongest winds pushing 20 - 25 foot waves,  were accompanied by the normal high tide, and all of that was intensified by the fact that IT WAS THE PEAK OF THE FULL MOON!!!   That was the perfect storm of causatives.
     The "intense Hurricane Sandy" was nothing of the sort.  It was a category I storm, very dispersed, and at its fall, relatively fast to move ashore.
      The stylings and posturings of politicians (who started off as the normal small little men that they are in the northeast...typically...with some Teddy Kennedy who is an Icon in Massachussets but anywhere else would simply be another drunken whore)....notwithstanding, this storm was great only because it affected people who are used to being dealt with as though they are more important than the rest of us.    They have subways....they have they are just plain better than we are.

      Favourite almost never mentioned fact.   Record setting snowfall and low temperatures, with some places in West Virginia picking up almost 40 inches of snow.   Heavy snows were recorded in eastern Pennsylvania, western New York, and on up into upper New England.  Record snows fell in eastern Tennessee, westernmost North Carolina, and western Virginia.
Records, AlGore....records.    Early season records.   We do not listen to you Global Climate psycho-marxists, anymore.   This addenda is placed on 9 November, and the New York City area is just now recovering from an outbreak of bitter cold, with record snowfalls and other types of freezing precipation, associated guessed it...a nor'easter.
      Favourite comment heard during a newscast after the 10th day of misery in Long Island.   "You people haven't done anything for us.   If you don't watch out we're going to get together and take care of this thing ourselves."
       Favourite cultural event?   People making obscene gestures at the Confederate area electric companies' emergency response teams who had drive 1000 to 1,500 miles after volunteering to help put the lines back up and the replacement transformers up.   The egg and tomatoe peltings and the snarling of the words hillbilly, redneck, scab, and n-word were a nice touch too.   They didn't want any non-union workers there, that was for sure.
Sorry AlGore....nice try....the global warming problem will start again for the morning....when the sun breaks the horizon.
El Gringo Viejo