Saturday, 10 November 2012

Checking through the burned bones

      Obama lost almost 15% of his previous vote total.   Romney's vote came in about 3% shy of McCain's vote in 2008.   As posted in the previous submission, that means that Obama lost almost 9.5 million previous supporters.   Not a very flattering endorsement of a marxist, narcissist slug.
     Romney could have held in those several rightwing crazies by have done or not done a very few things.    If we fall for the "become relevant or die" argument, or if we take advice from the "moderate Republicans" we shall be like the Tories in Parliament, trying to show the Brits how we can make the National Health Service "responsive and efficient".   And to-morrow, perfect teeth for everyone, and all for free;
     Romney went limp-wristed in the last two debates.   There were several places where he could have said, "Once again the President relies on tired mendacity instead of the truth.  The tax burden in American is born solely by 50% percent of the people.   Of that share, we can honestly state that the upper two percent of taxpayers pay 20 percent of all IRS income tax.   It that is not progressive enough, then Heaven help us all.   Do you think, Mr. President that you have any shovel ready ideas that are half as good as what a high income earner would do with his investment?   I say no.  You choose political cronies with the rich man's money and with the taxes throttled out from the middle and upper-middle income people.   Some build laundromats and  make custom designed barbeque pits for sale, you build Solyndras.
      Also, the evangelicals and Hebrews in the audience probably were not overjoyed by Mr. Romney's insertion that he thought that Mr. Obama had done the right thing by getting rid of Mubarek.    Every Jew in the audience and listening must have been able to envision the engines hauling in the cattle cars.    Such a position is patently ridiculous and showed that he was being guided by focus groups instead of an inner voice which points the correct path when there is a fork in the road.  Mr. Romney's observation should have been,"Mr. Mubarek is to be lauded for extending the ancient recognition that Egyptians also have for the Jewish People.  In the ancient times, the Jewish people prospered during two great episodes of interaction with the Egyptians.   Mubarek respected the agreements made by Anwar Sadat, and he did so at great personal peril, and he did it with an Army that had honour.   He did it while leading a people who knew that things much worse than Mubarek's iron hand awaited them should the Muslim Brotherhood take control of the society and the government.   Mr. Mubarek needed to be helped along slowly into retirement....but only after reasonable replacement had been found." 
       Rid Iran of the Shah....there's the Ayatollah.  Rid Nicaragua of Samoza,  we have the Sandinistas Communists. Please, Mr. President, reserve your celebration after the body count of dead Copts and normal Muslims who are sure to be slaughtered by the deranged extremists in the Brotherhood.   The Brotherhood does well at raping American female reporters....we have noticed."   THAT IS THE RESPONSE OF A PRESIDENT.   TO HELL WITH FOCUS GROUPS.  AN INDIAN CHIEF THROWS HIS LANCE INTO A CERTAIN POINT IN THE GROUND AND TELLS THE OTHER PARTY WITH WHOM HE NEGOTIATES THAT THAT IS THE POINT WHERE HE STANDS AND FROM WHENCE HE AND HIS TRIBE WILL NOT RETREAT.   THERE COMES A TIME WHEN THE PEOPLE NEED TO HEAR THE TRUTH, THE POSITION THAT IS RIGHT, AND WHY IT IS RIGHT!
     We shan't even think about the notion of "Repeal and Restore" or "Repeal and Repair" or whatever the Mommy Socialism solution to the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative. the Romney poeple were cooking up.       If a rabid animal comes into the group, there is no other alternative but to shoot it.   The beast cannot be repaired or restored.  There are no "good parts".   And if you, Mr. Romney, think that the central government telling families that they have to provide insurance for some slob on the couch playing video games and eating out the family's refrigerator....simply because he is not 27 years old yet,  then you fail to understand what the 10th Amendment is.    And, knowing not the 10th, that is the easy one, what are you going to do about the 1st and the 4th and the 5th.....and the 2nd?   Hopeless.
     Moderate Republicans only serve to prepare the way for the national socialists who come after them.
      It becomes clearer and clearer that the only way to move this matter in the right direction is to quietly go about the business of withdrawing from the this broken, doomed federation of States. In so preparing, we might last chance.... to form a Party of Plurality....aiming to carry a substantial plurality of votes in enough States to gain an Electoral College victory in the 2016 elections.    In a passive way, that is what Woodrow Wilson (one of America's top five worst presidents) did in 1912, when the Democrat Party was decrepit.   He charged it up with all kinds of socialist and populist platitudes and, after winning, plunged America into a World War and into two recessions, and set race relations and business back substantially.
     A free enterprise, Constitutional Conservative Party could do the opposite and have a chance at saving the Republic.   Either way, Texas genuinely has to move to the status of a free standing Republic, otherwise we shall be the last goose laying the golden eggs to be slaughtered so that the Democrat National Socialist Party of New York and Caliphornia can feed their people cake, one more time.
     The count of supporters within Texas for self-removal from the federated relationship with the central government in Washington, D.C. is now approaching 1,000,000 true persons, with every ethnic and racial type and mixtures thereof represented.   The snow ball will not be affected by Global Warming as it gathers speed.
El Gringo Viejo