Saturday, 13 October 2012

Remember the Camel Guy at Giza

You all will remember the camel guy outside of Cairo, the one who had his little tourist business, and the brick factory on the edge of Cairo with his brother.   His biggest concern seemed to be always being under observation by a Hezbollah or Muslim Brotherhood thug, and always being subject to having to pay arbitrary anti-Jew taxes and "operation expenses" for the two esteemed organisations who control small business among the Muslim nobodies.   After all, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood are Muslim somebodies, and they have the money and the guns to prove it. 
      Obama and Hillary tell us that Arab Spring rid us of the curse of Mubarek, and the Muslim Brotherhood....a moderate, secular group....would establish democracy, and show people Shirley Temple films....and give them ice cream.    Watch the pigs fly.   Look!  It's snowing in Hell.
Shas Reza Pahlavi and the Queen in 1973,
He was a terrible person because his SAVAK
secret police had 2,000 political prisoners
at that time.   Now there are only 200,000
political prisoners and they hang homosexuals
 and adultresses.     Progress has it's price.
       We get rid of Pahlavi because he's just bad, bad, bad!   Now Iran is free.   The Persians can go about the business of being free and democratic.   Samoza is a bad, bad person, so Jimmy Carter gets rid of him, too.   The Sandinista Blues Brothers (the Ortegas) come in and establish democracy.   To celebrate that they find the old Jew in Managua who had a little business and headed up the small Jewish community there, and they stripped him naked, tied a yoke to his wrists, put the yoke behind his head and made him walk around in the centre of Managua for the the Summer....until he collapsed.   Later in the week, he died;   democracy, you see.
     These people...Jimmy Carter, Barak Hussein Obama, Al Gore, Billy and Hilly Clinton, and their type of elitists, marxist hypocrites almost always change things....for the worse.   Then they wipe their dirty hands, stride out onto Park Avenue, and begin to lecture the little people again....from a distance, of course.    Eat what we tell you to what we tell you to do.   Say what we tell you to say....think what we tell you to think.   If you need the police, call the official State Security number and a team of officers will come out to tag and identify your body and transport it to Soylent Green Factory #666 for.....preparation....for free.   Just pay shipping and handling.  Body bag - Made in China.

     This little entry to-day is made in memory of, and out of respect for, the four Americans who were murdered by an Al Qaeda assault unit in Benghazi, Libya and the Yemeni Arab security specialist who was murdered last week by Al Qaeda operatives in Sanaa, Yemen after serving at the American Embassy there for the last 20 of his 53 years of life.   Not to mention the number of soldiers who have been murdered in Afghanistan by the treacherous slugs who the victims are actually trying to help to become human.   These losses are entirely the fault of  Obama's announced date-certain, cut and run....maddening!    Insane!

The Horowitz Family is celebrating having
found Curly's long-lost twin sister, Curlette, at
Foster's Nursing Home and Corkscrew Factory,
in Hope, Arkansas where Curlette has been
 under care for some time now.   Between stringing
 the beads and eating well, Curlette gets to go to town
 and act like she is a really important element in the scheme
 of human affairs.  Other mentally defective people in her
circle think she really and truly and  actually is the
 Secretary of State of the United Statesof America.
   Curlette knows better.   Curlette knows
that she is Qeeen of the Universe.
(nyuk, nyuk, nyuk)

     Perhaps Holder, Panetta, and Hillary can publish the names of all the Mohammeds who have helped the Gringos during these past few years, along with their addresses as they depart on 20 January 2013, so that the Al Qaeda and Taliban operatives won't have to look them up on cross reference guides before they go out and behead them and shoot their daughters in the middle of the soccer field as part of half-time entertainment.  They can blame it on Bush.

     We still wonder what Hillary dragged out of the confidential FBI files on the present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Gen. Petraeus that could have been used to turn those two men into useful idiots for Chairman Mao.

Pray for the Republic.   Hope for an Independent Texas.  Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
El Gringo Viejo