Monday, 15 October 2012

A Brief Note to the Father of Ambassador Stevens

During the previous hours, our grief, our pain, and our outrage at the events in Benghazi have had the admonition of the father of Ambassador Stevens to fold into our sadness.   We have been told to stop using the death of the Ambassador for political purposes.
      It brings to mind the anger that Dr. Lewinski expressed concerning the events surrounding his daughter....lo, these many years ago.  Dr. Lewinski was furious about what his daughter was having to suffer.   For all his daughter's trials....the good doctor blamed....Ken Starr.
      Mr. Stevens is likewise offended.   He is grieving.   He says that Americans do not have the right to "politicise" his son's death.
      But, El Gringo Viejo has lost people at the first degree of relation.   El Zorro has lost people at the first degree of relation.   The American people have, in their great majority, lost children and friends and parents and siblings during their journeys in this life.    Mr. Stevens has lost a child who was in the service of the central government.  This we lament, not for Mr. Stevens so much as for the entire state of the Republic.  It is like when we go to the funeral of a fallen warrior who has come back from the Middle East.  We did not know the boy.   We are not members of his family.  We are simply crushed because vermin such as he was fighting could waste a life so valuable when their lives are so worthless, miserable, foul, and evil.
      Therefore, Mr. Stevens, please do not politicise the death of your son by telling me that I cannot condemn the authors of the events and conditions that led to the death of your son.  Your son is, in many ways, very much a part of the public domain.   He represents us.   In representing the President as ambassador to anywhere, he becomes me.   He becomes all Americans.  He becomes us.   He is us.   He was us.
      Therefore, Mr. Stevens, either understand that your son's sacrifice was brought on by policies and procedures and incompetence of his superiors, or stand aside and allow the small majority of Americans who do understand that fact to respond to it.   One hundred percent of your son's death was caused by sub-human, irrational beings who parade under the banners of Islam.   Likewise, one hundred percent of your son's death was caused by the wilful lack of security preparation of your son's facilities.  One hundred percent of the cause of your son's death was the failure to establish a realistic policy concerning Al Qaeda not only in Libya, but throughout the Middle East.   Drones and the killing of bin Laden or his look-alike does not, did not, end the war.
      Dr. Lewinski was a fool.   The enemy of his daughter was a piece of white-trash named William Jefferson Blythe, who was supported in his abuse of Monica Lewinski by another piece of self-absorbed narcissism named Hillary Rodham Clinton.   The blood of our departed Ambassador is on the hands of religious psychotics, the highest levels of the current President's administration, and the State Department under Hillary Rodham Clinton.  And, as one who has grieved, Mr. Stevens, I shall not tell you how to grieve, and I shall not follow your instructions concerning I am supposed to grieve or blame for the death of your son.
 Thanks to all for the time and patience invested.
El Gringo Viejo