Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Laugh as one might, Texas Independence has contemporaries

Elections just concluded in Belgium resulted in the expulsion of the Socialist Party from the mayoralty of Antwerp.   The somewhat conservative Flemish National Movement people won the election by an overwhelming majority.   Belgium is another of these European countries cobbled together from ancient duchies and even smaller aristocratic sub-divisions.   It is split between four different forms of Dutch, and two different types of French, within a population that is a bit more than 12,000,000.   That number includes the contaminant of being roughly one-fifth Muslim, of which over 60% are on almost complete welfare.
     The Flemish-speaking group (Dutch) around Antwerp has longed for the past 90 years to gently re-establish total autonomy over its affairs.   Theirs is the clean part of Belgium and theirs is the part of Belgium where public assistance is least availed upon.  Theirs is also the part of Belgium that pays the greatest part of the taxes on a per-capita basis.    Like Texas.
      There is a bit more of ethnic "purity" in their identity, but by this time a new Texas "ethnicity" is almost forming.....an "ethnicity" of philosophy if not of chromosomes.

 Antwerp, Flanders

We'll rest for a bit and come back to grouse later.   Thanks for the attention.
El Gringo Viejo