Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mark and Eva - Happy Trails

     Sometimes the people we think we are seeing in our brains are not the people we are seeing as the image is entering the eye.   A recent social encounter among the celebrity class is a case in point.
This is what Mark Sanchez thought
he saw for the past three months

     We can all sympathise with Mr. Sanchez, the famed quarterback for the New York Jets, with this common mistake.  Sometimes it takes a while before the reality sets in, and the "colour of the soul" begins to reveal the true beauty that a girl has.   Imagine how Mark felt when it hit him all of a sudden!

This is Eva Longoria after coming out Make-up
and Wardrobe this morning.   They can really
do wonders nowadays.   She looks almost alive.

     So, just chalk it up to another emply chair, Mark.    And even if it just a fling, it is always better to take the soul, the heart, the brain, and the looks of a girl, count to 10, and average them all together and divide by four.  The immediate picture above is the distillate that comes from that process for Eva Longoria.   You can do better, Mark.  Follow Tebow or the Brady boys....and just let it happen.
El Gringo Viejo