Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Repeal and Replace?

Mr. Romney:

No repeal and replace.   Repeal only....repeal and rescind.....repeal forever. 
   The central government has no place in "providing" or "making arrangements for" or "looking after our geezers" or "providing a safety net" or "driving down prices of 'medical care'" or "being pro-active". 
     Remember the Great Truism Axiom:    All sociological and cultural problems being faced by the United States of America at this time have a central government sponsored program at their foundation.   All such programs began with the shout-down similar to, "DO YOU THINK THAT A CHILD SHOULD GO HUNGRY?"
     Remember the next great Axiom from the Cosmos:   All central government programs fail, cost more than originally explained, and are designed for setting up the blaming of conservative and productive elements for being un-caring, stingy, and generally soul-less.
Every two years.

El Gringo Viejo