Wednesday, 24 October 2012

First take 3 bayonettes, mix thoroughly with 5 horses

Puff, the Magic Dragon, C-47 Gunship of the Viet Nam Theatre has two sons.   They are C-130 Spectre and C-130 Spooky.   They are the Air Cavalry to a pinned down bunch of Americans and/or allied forces.

     El Zorro knows these facts intimately and is an expert in the matter.   El Gringo Viejo knows of them indirectly and vicariously....although he is not an expert in the matter.   About 30% of all American males now living are familiar to some degree or another with the facts that will be posted below.
     Yes, Virginia....there really is a Santa Claus.   So long as there is happiness, kindness, charity, generousity, and the spirit of fellowship, Santa Claus will represent those noble things and move in a spiritual way to provoke humans to goodness.
      And...Virginia...yes there was a way to take massive force into Benghazi by acting quickly with reasonable reconnaissance and applying that force against a group of sub-human, psuedo-religious, deranged maniacs who feel compelled to murder and destroy all those who hold any divergent views.   Taking that massive force into Benghazi in a quick and timely way might well have saved our peoples' lives there.
This is the work-horse, turbo-prop AC - 130 Spectre fitted with a Gattling-type gun that fires
a 50 caliber round from multiple rotating barrels, at the rate of 3,600 rounds per minute.
This C - 130, in this combat mode, can fly 365 mph, and then enter into a circular firing
pattern where it can fly at 180 mph while pouring a veritable shredding upon any target.
  Suffice it to say that this "offensive platform" is very effective at "crowd control".  It could
 have been on-site withing 1 hour and 30 minutes after being ordered by the President
or appropriate subordinate.  There are several based in southern Italy.   
Photo Credit: Robert Abbott jr.
GAU-12 Gatling gun, with 3,600 rounds per minute
capacity.  It can put a bullet on every inch of a football
 field in one pass.   Photo by Robert Abbot, Jr.
 Photo Credit: Robert Abbott jr.
And if the bad guys are really dug-in, “Spooky” can pound fortifications
 with its 105 mm howitzer. That’s right– the AC-130 lugs around a heavy
 artillery piece up in the sky, points it at the ground, and tears it up.

AC-130 Main Photo
An AC-130 Spooky demonstrating AAA suppresion
and guidance sensor interruption systems.   This is
 a "prop"-plane, but it is not your father's Cessna 182.

       All Americans should put a lamp in the window this night, damning Barak Hussein Obama to Hell forever for abandoning Americans in service to their Flag, so as to maintain his narrative that Al Qaeda has been destroyed and that the Obama initiative in the Middle East has been a success.

And yes, Virginia, America will be restored.

El Gringo Viejo....