Thursday, 25 October 2012

And She's a real live attorney

Hillary, shut up and listen. Evidence doesn't come in a
 bottle labelled "evidence".   Evidence is what you
 make of it.   You're fired.  Let me see if I can get you
a job with the Rose Law Firm, they owe me one, and
they'll hire anybody.


We have to keep returning to the same trough.  (Sir Edmund) Hillary instructed the Universe yesterday about certain matters of the law.   She declared that ".....a Facebook entry is not in and of itself anything evidential...."

      ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? Edmund) Hillary, Queen of the Universe and Knight of the Order of the Flak Jacket and Winner of the Platinum Corkscrew Award for the last 31 consecutive years.  In spite of  her pro-marxist, Saul Alinsky inspired graduation speech at Wellesly, she moved her tassle without knowing anything, and understanding less.    And, apparently, although she is the most brilliant person who ever existed, exists, or who ever will exist, she also failed to pick up a little, tiny point in law school.
     Anything that has probative value is, most definitely, valuable as evidence.   An entry in a Facebook page leaves a footprint larger than Sasquatch.   It presents the opportunity to seek supporting evidence.  For instance, it invites sifting through copious amounts of video with images of scores and scores of scumboes with rifles, grenade-launchers, and other weapons to see if one or more of them might be pictured and/or named in the various pages of the Facebook account.  Where does the cobweb lead?   Who else?  What else?   The Facebook "platform" is a cornucopia of possibilities.  Facebook, cell phone trackings, phone records, fingerprints, DNA, eye-witnesses, tire-tracks, ballistic characteristics, banking and accounting records....should I go on?
    The difference between a good or bad prosecutor or defense attorney is that one can take something from the scene and make evidence out of it....whether to prove innocence or to prove guilt.....and the other one cannot.

       (Sir Edmund) is no Perry Mason....or Hamilton Burger for that matter.   She is great at lyng under oath and "taking care" of potential witnesses.   We remember how she won the "Webster Hubbell Award" for suborning perjury and rolling over for the Clintons.   And so what?   Web was third ranking person in the Department of Justice, brought in by HRH and her hubbie-wubbie Billy Jeff, from the famous Rose Law Firm in Little Rock.  Web lasted a few months before he had to take the fall for some inconvenient billing tricks that fell to his, and Vince's and HRH's credit....Lawdy, lawdy...How do things like that happen?

 Webster Lee Hubbell
     Think of all those little people she has crunched.   Think of all the people who have lost everything because of her need to slash, burn, destroy, and win any small or large point.  And think of all the lies that are now showing up as stains on her those there on the back of her hands....all the lies.   All the people who are no longer with us whose bad fortune it was to cross her path.

Vincent Lee Foster, Jr. RIP
shortly before
     (Sir Edmund) Hillary has been protected by a compliant, non-prying press for the entirety of her public (and private) life.   She has been protected by a compliant police and judiciary as well.  It is part of the circling of the wagons of the elitist, wealthy, progressive women who make up the Registry in these times.   It takes a village long ago became, "Abortion now, abortion whenever, abortion, abortion, abortion."   It's quite a platform.  It's backed up by the other plank of the their platform..."Throw bales of money at the Negroes. and Mexicans...keep them busy with AFDC and lottery tickets and Thunderbird and beer...but keep them out of the Hamptons.   Tell them the Republicans will take their free money away and put them back in chains"...."Close the gates, quick".
     And now she assures us that...."....a Facebook entry is not, in and of itself, anything evidenciary".   For her, nothing is evidenciary.   There has always been someone to take the fall for her....or else.

El Gringo Viejo