Friday, 14 September 2012

Hillary knew? did not know? Either way she loses. THIS WAS NOT A SURPRISE ASSAULT!

Only one person in this picture is the hag who was thrusting a
newspaper in the air and shrieking, "Bush knew!!! Bush knew!!!
She did this while flourishing a page that had the same six-inch
headline on its front page.   This is in reference to the assault by
 religious maniacs on September 11th, 2001.   She was accusing
President Bush of having known that the attack was coming but
did nothing....or even being complicit in the attack.
  But we have
to remember that she was distracted because she had to go down
to look for Chelsea at the Twin Towers that morning.  She knew that
her daughter had to be there, because her daughter had said that she
was going to be there, because her daughter had told her that during
their morning telephone conversation.  Madame Corkscrew (pictured
above) dashed down to find her daughter and was almost right in the
middle of everything, helping people, worrying about where her daughter
might be.
   Later, like everything else in her twisted miserable life,
 it all turned out to be a lie.   Her own daughter said that she was closer
 to the Catskills than to the Twin Towers, and that she had been staying
overnight at the apartment of her boyfriend, and were unaware
of the situation down town until they turned on the
 television that morning.

Chelsea was NOT jogging near the twin towers when the planes hit. (



Curious confusion swirls around former first daughter Chelsea Clinton's upcoming essay for TALK magazine describing exactly where she was on Terror Day in New York City.

Breaking her media silence once and for all -- Chelsea writes in great detail about her personal experience on the morning of September 11.  But, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, her account now sharply conflicts with her mother's version of Chelsea's New York adventure.

Appearing on NBC's DATELINE, Sen. Hillary Clinton told how daughter Chelsea cheated death on that fateful morning.
"She had gone on what she thought would be a great jog," Hillary Clinton explained. "She was going down to Battery Park, she was going to go around the towers. She was going to get a cup of coffee and - that's when the plane hit!"
Hillary's dramatic story about her daughter's close call with the Twin Towers became a media sensation.
"At that moment, she was not just a Senator, but a concerned parent," TODAY show's Katie Couric told viewers.

But now, in her own words, Chelsea does not mention a jog. Does not mention her plans to go to Battery Park, around the towers -- only to be stopped by a coffee break. In fact, Chelsea writes that she was at her friend's apartment on Park Avenue South -- miles from Ground Zero -- when she learned of the attacks!

"I stared senselessly at the television," Chelsea writes.

Calls to Senator Clinton went unreturned on Friday.
      The biggest slug in all of this is the mendacious narcissist, catty Katie Couric, who is Oh! so much smarter than that rubette, Sarah Palin who comes from Saskatchewan or Idaho or one of those nowhere places.
    Catie, you may not know the name of the President pro-tempore of the Senate of Argentina, but you will lie for (Sir Edmund)Hillary.  Why did you not ever set the record straight about  Madame Corkscrew's mendacity?   It is because you and she are one in the same.

Laughing on the inside.   But what do we do?   Pray for the health of Jerusalem.   Pray for the repose of the soul of Anwar Sadat, the last of the Great Pharaohs....murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood, after establishing a true peace with Israel.  Remember as we consider the life of the Last Great Pharoah, that Mubarak held to his and Egypt's word and that the Copts and the regular dumboe Muslims and all the tourists....pretty much just went about their business.   Mubarak was probably not a great Pharaoh, but so long as he had his finger in the dike, the dike held.   Mubarak, like the Shah of Iran, was more good than bad.
He was much better than what the Egyptians and the Planet have now.
El Gringo Viejo