Friday, 14 September 2012

Bernacke knows he is killing the dollar and America, and he careth not.

      We rightwingers like to worry about huge convoluted conspiracies that are so complicated that the conspirators probably back into each other when they leave the conspiracy planning meeting.  As a Texan, and as a fellow who used to carry very top level  oil people into Mexico to go whitewing and dove hunting, El Gringo Viejo can tell you what would happen should EXXON- Mobil make a secret deal with BritPet to fix the oil-as-spot-commodity market.    Everything would go hunky-dory until one or the other hit a big strike in the Straits of Flapsplatter and they could undercut their life-long, forever faithful ole' buds...ole' Watzhiznaim.   I'll never forget ole' Watzhiznaim, if I could just remember what he looked like.
      Please be aware that Ben Bernacke is doing this slow murder of the Yankee Greenback dollar on purpose.   Geitner and Bernacke and Obama and Soros and all the progressive minions are puposefully trying to murder America.  They lie, they cheat, they slash, and they burn.  Nations are destroyed by the debt run up by the Crown.   Nations are destroyed when people are paid to perform slothfully  and to produce unspoken-for progeny.   States are destroyed by turning their backs on their ancestors and the Spirit that leads them to their promised land.
       Every measure, every political decision, every "administrative action" performed by this adminstration has been purposefully executed to promote the demise of America.   The zombies in the Obsolete Press showed very clearly in their badgering of Mr. Romney for having made very normal and salient observation....a necessary observation.... that they will do anything to destroy Romney and defend Obama, even if it helps destroy America.   It was well noted that when the President spoke and said nothing more than pablum-fused bilge, they asked him not one question.  Not one.   He turned and walked, he thought. victoriously away.
     It is ludicrous to think that a silly film that is old by to-day's standards caused any of this uproar in the Middle East.  The whole matter had been planned since before Arab Spring.   It is probable that Barack Obama is complicit in the matter.   Any fool would have known what the result would be, if Mubareck were to be de-throned.   So, El Gringo Viejo does not ever say,"Why doesn't someone tell Obama that he needs to think about ....." .   Obama already has thought about all of it.  He  needed to destroy the medical system.  He needed to restore the unions.   He needed to promote useless 'educational reforms" that would continue to dumb down the nation. He needed to do whatever possible to destroy the value of the currency.
     FINALLY, We arrive at our point.   Bernacke's announcement is that he is going to print 40 billion dollars per month in order to underwrite the steady debasement of the dollar.  It became apparent about 2 weeks ago, and was made official yesterday.   Since his decision was apparently divined some time back, the dollar has suddenly reversed its fortunes, and begun to lose value, fairly sharply.   Against the Euro it has lost almost 9% of it value in two weeks.   Against the Mexican Peso it has lost about 8% since the peso itself hit its own low of around 14 to 1.   The peso is now trading in the 12.80 level   because Calderon's budgets have either been balanced or nearly so, while ours have been riding a Saturn rocket lift-off to economic Hell.
      So, guess what?   Prices will have to go up, especially for things that are derived from imports.   The price of imports go up because it will cost more dollars to buy the same amount of goods due to the falling value of the dollar.
      And then,  why do we not want the Keystone Pipeline?   One reason is because somebody important owns the railroad that has lots and lots of carrying capacity for oil and natural gas via tanker cars.   Yes!!  Warren Buffet can  carry oil and natural gas on his railroad.   We don't need no stinkin' high skill, blue collar a lot of non-union places build no stinkin' pipeline.    We need to pay into the support of the assets of the millionaires and billionaires who support the government even as the government prepares to take them on their own ultimate trip to the guillotine...playing soon in a public square near you.   Perhaps, if they are lucky, they can just take an all expense paid trip to the gulag where they can make buflamps.   Nobody buys buflamps anymore, so the government wants more of them because it makes production numbers look good.
       "Can't happen," grunts the pot-smoking, beer-drinking union thug on break from the bolt a bumper position on the assembly line.   We tell Thuggo the Thug, "The French did it.   They killed everyone they could who had 10 francs or a title of any kind.   They even killed over a hundred thousand children under the age of 10 who had any pretense of title of nobility."
     "Can't happen here" Thuggo burps.  "We're too sophistical."
    "Would you care to review the art, music, theatre, philosophical thought and writing, science, and agricultural and industrial ability of the French at the time?   They were easily among the top five if not higher countries in the world, in spite of the decadence and self-indulgence of the Royalty and Louis XVI's Court.   People visiting Paris from England were stunned to see the production, the beauty of the farms, the fine draught animals,  and wealth of the common peasants, especially after hearing from French Revolution backers that the peasants were starving," informs an incredulous El Gringo Viejo.
      "Berrrrrpppp.  Need to go in and punch out." and the Union Thug takes his leave.
It is all pre-planned, folks, and Barak and Bernacke are just  front men for the agents of "fundamental transformation" of America.
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