Friday, 14 September 2012

Cells and Cliques Falling

     During the hours of last Tuesday and into the early morning period of Wednesday, we were grappling with a computer problem that resolved itself in some part, and with the intervention of El Zorro, and to a much lesser degree McAfee.    Your humble servant even had to do a bit of surgery like that in the movies where an inept medic is receiving orders from a very practised surgeon via radio-telephone.  In any regard, the operation was a success and the patient survived.
     We did lose one article, a posting about the apprehension of three Hezbollah moles operating in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.   They were taken down by State Judicial Police and a special, uniformed squadron of the Mexican Army, which specialises in very urban surprise assaults.
      There were American and Interpol warrants out for all of them.   The leader was recently released from prison in United States, after serving time for credit card fraud and funnelling money to known terrorist groups in Palestine and Lebanon.  He immediately violated parole and went to Lebanon and became 'lost'.    Later, with a false passport he entered Mexico and met up with his buddies who were carrying legal passports with a picture of Her Majesty, issued by the Belizean government.   They managed to take up jobs as waiters and cooks at one of the many hole-in-the-wall restaurants in downtown Merida....near the corner of 56th and 41st in a very dolly and gentrified and elegant part of a very nice city.   The three terrorists were taken down, loaded onto a standard commercial flight and taken to Houston's Bush International where they were turned over to American and/or Texas authorities.
     The Americans, although there was an active detention order for the all three, especially the one who had violated his ridiculous parole, had not acted upon advisories by the authorities in Mexico that the men could be picked up and such and such a place at any time. With the lack of arrival of FBI or US Marshalls, the people in Merida decided not to risk letting them hang around long enough to blow up a tour bus full of Frogs and Gringos heading out to Chichen Itza' from Merida or Cancun.
     Hezbollah takes advantage of the fact that much of the white racial part of Mexico is of the Southern Spanish, Asturian type of people who came in during the Saracen invasion, as well as Carthaginian/Iber peoples left over from the days of Hannibal.    So, they blend in, looking like any 15 of 100 Mexicans one might encounter anywhere in Mexico....especially major cities and in the north, where judeoarabe (jewarab) is an actual word.
     So, these guys are under wraps, if Janet Reno can divert her attention from Girls Gone Wild at HLS perhaps we can round up a few more.   In the meantime, the Mexican Army and Naval Infantry has taken down four very major actors in the Mexican Cartel conglomerate.  Four people at the very top, each ratting out on the other, and about 50 of their very important administrative (money people) and negotiator-level people.  Several are being deported to the United States or to Europe, but most are on their way, soon to the Islas Tres Marias, which is being used more and more for sergeant to general level cartel cockroaches.   We can talk about the Islas Tres Marias in later posts, but for now, let's just think of them as a kind of Hawai'i  for  very special clients.   It is also like the Hotel California....where you can check in, but you cannot leave.
     We shall leave it there with just a simple statement.   These last four take downs had to come from very highly placed criminal personalities rolling over on their buds.   The four heads controlled activity in Jalisco (Guadalajara), Vera Cruz - Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon - Texas.    The Monterrey metroplex is beset at these moments....and has been for the last two weeks....with brutal killings involving neighbourhood gangs of teenie-teenagers (aged 11 - 20) shooting each other up.   They are, fortunately, killing each other, and the people have learnt to lament, but they would express more concerned for an injured dog or cat being run over than for the loss of any of these punks that have so willingly brutalised the innocent.
     It is a sad thing to say.   But please believe me.  We have it by the millions in the United States as well.   And it is not only among the black urban group.  We are stunned here in Texas when we see the more than occasional police, border patrol, and even elected district attorney level people being swept up on an almost weekly basis.   There are four counties along the deepest part of the border that have had elected Sheriffs sent to the license plate factory in the last 20 years or less.    County commissioners, County Judges (county ceo in Texas) and other elected and high appointed officials have been soiled by all of this.
     It is almost to the point where one can sit out on the veranda and read the newspaper by the light of the helicopter working a take-down here in the McAllen area.
More later.
El Gringo Viejo