Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Developments and some Clarity

     During the past few days we have been combing publicly available information and deriving other sources of information that are less public concerning the incident involving two American operatives and their Mexican Navy Captain buddy.   As many know, these three individuals were assaulted by three official car-loads, containing 12 persons, some in Federal Police uniforms, others in higher quality civilian threads.
     The first impression El Gringo Viejo had was that the Americans and their Captain were caught up in a mob-hit, like a couple of years ago between San Luis Potosi' and San Luis de la Paz, both in the central State of San Luis Potosi,  on Mexico's main north-south highway.   But, there were oddities with this scenario.
      For one, all twelve of the Federal Policemen were actually Federal Policemen.   All twelve remained at the scene and rendered aid to the Gringos and their Navy Captain Buddy.   With the number of rounds fired, it seemed strange that the Federal Policemen, who go through very rigourous firearms training, would have failed to hit anybody.   All the wounds received by the hapless Gringos and the Captain were indirect...and while significant....were never life threatening.    Then...noticing the firing pattern through the passenger window, it appeared likely that the one doing that shooting was trying to keep the occupant down on the floorboard.   If he had wanted to kill him, he had every clear opportunity, without risk to himself.   That meant that the shooter had a soul.   Cartel people, in all seriousness, have no souls.
ImageImage     Arrive the Army and the Naval Infantry.   They encounter the Federal Policemen still there providing pretty high level first-aid to the wounded.   The combat medics come forward and apply even more advanced medical intervention.  At this point, in a really bad country or among really bad people, the Military and the Police could decide that this was just a case of the referee dropping the flag, no foul no penalty.   They could have just shot the three in the US Embassy SUV, blamed it on the cartels, and then have gone on their way.    Or the authorities could have trumped up any number of stories...planted cocaine on them...poured whiskey on them and/or forced them to discharge their weapons so that the Gringos would test positive for GSR, and have ordered them out of the country as persona non grata.

     That did not happen, either.  The wounded were transported to a hospital in very nearby Cuernavaca.   The  twelve Federal Police officers were detained and taken to a federal prosecutor's detention facility, and then taken on to Mexico City. 
      The policemen said that they would be glad to take a polygraph.   Their story was that they were part of a team that is trying to clear out the last major operators of organised crime, kidnapping, extortion, human and drug trafficking operators in the Cuernavaca area.    It has been a really pronounced effort for about 18 months now, because Cuernavaca is one of those "perfect places" that are found in Mexico.   The City of Perpetual Springtime.   More United States Military General Officers retired there than any other city of less than 1,000,000 people in the world.   Many very wealthy Mexico City and Central Mexico people have first or second homes and/or family compounds in and/or around Cuernavaca.   Six percent of all the roses sold in the United States come from Cuernavaca.   It is really an idyllic place...and all the people....white, mestizo, and, poor, and in between..., work hard at making or keeping their wealth.  It is a clean and very straightforward place.   It has buildings still in use from the 1530s, the very earliest constructions of the Spanish Colonial epoch.    Everybody there had made it plain, "ENOUGH!!!   Get rid of these vermin."
      So, very steadily for the past few months, fewer and fewer incidents of "express kidnapping", extortion of small and large businesses,  trafficking, inter-cartel gun battles  had occurred.    And the Federal Policemen declared that that was their business that day.   They were staked out on the little used "old highway" between Cuernavaca because there was information from a "call line informant" that a certain black Tahoe that had been circulating for the past few days, in and around Cuernavaca had known wanted persons and was involved in cocaine traffick.
      The vehicle was identified and their plates did not match up to the type of vehicle to which they were attached.    By trailing the vehicle from a disturbance, it was determined that that vehicle had some kind of business out on the Santa Maria highway.   So, when they encountered the Black Tahoe with the diplomatic tags, it was Katy, Bar the door!   And better yet, the guys in the Tahoe tried to make a run for it.   Each party thought the other were bad guys.   The Embassy Tahoe turned down a dirt road, and ran right into two of the three police vehicles involved in the surveillance.   They were finally immobilised as they returned onto the paved highway.

Mexico Drug War_guillen.jpg

     Also, the pro tempore leader of the Gulf Cartel, a really vicious, old, flabby bag of ...garbage, was taken down by the Naval Infantry yesterday, in Altamira, Tamaulipas.   This town is a suburban, petro-industrial, seafood processing, and middle class residential city to the north of and adjacent to Tampico on the Gulf Coast.   He is Mario Cardenas Guillen, known as, for some reason, as El Gordo, and the brother of the infamous and legendary Antonio"Tony Tormenta"  who was killed some time back in Tampico during an assault by the Naval Infantry.   Another brother, Osiel was deported in 2007 to the United States and is serving 25 years in Federal lock-up, to be followed, I believe, by 99 years in Texas Department of Corrections.
      The man pictured above, being guarded by the Naval Infantry Commando Lieutenant, is directly and indirectly responsible  for 3,000 killings.   Approximately 300 - 400 of those people were semi-honest to honest cops, soldiers and naval infantry personnel, and innocent, women, and children during indiscriminate fire engagements between opposing cartels.
FINALLY,   the American public is not aware perhaps that during the past several years, Mexican volunteers to the advanced combat units of the army and naval infantry have received commando training from excellent non-commissioned sergeants of the Mexican Army and Naval Infantry, as well as commissioned and non-commissioned personnel from Israel, from Her Majesty's finest, and from retired, contracted, and some say active duty American personnel.    There is still such training provided in North Carolina and other places in the United States for foreign personnel, but the Mexican military has chosen more and more to have such training taket place "in country".   The rumours are that the SEALs are involved, but that is not known by this writer.   Advanced combat professionals and counter insurgency specialists are involved, and that is fairly commonly known on the streets and boulevards of Mexico.   That is why, as they say "....why we have to keep it secret".

That is all for now.   More later.
El Gringo Viejo