Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bigot? Racist? Many have recently arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina

     There is one certain group that hates Negroes and Mexicans more than anybody in the world.   They deign to relegate both groups to live on a grey, dull plantation that produces nothing, plants nothing, harvests nothing, and which must be taken care of in every facet of life....from the womb to the tomb...as it is said.
     They will hate this, but El Gringo Viejo knows all their strategic secrets and most of their tactical secrets (which actually never change).   Their strategy and accompanying tactics include terrorising a locale, or a region, or a country to the point that....as in the case of Viet Nam....peasants would flood into the large cities hoping to avoid the terror.   Once this occurred, sapper units and saboteurs could infiltrate and establish cells designed to damage major infrastructure and kill as many innocents as possible.
      The variation in this part of the world is to have "democratic, popular elected governments" promulgate social services that produce toilet paper for currency, rampant bastardy, destruction of the concept of a moral code, be it religious, philosophical, or a combination of the two.   They also attempt to denigrate private property, private enterprise, small business, and any form of self-sufficiency.
       This inevitably results in masses of indisciplinate children who seek identity and connection with something on this earth that lasts for more than 36 hours.   Enter the Mara Salvatrucha XIII, a gang of 200,000 soul-less zombies who require that new inductees cut their mother's throats.   This gang is plenteously represented in its native Honduras, and then in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and finally in the big bananas of the stalk, which is Mexico and the United States.   In the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas....four counties....1,000,000 people there are 16 to 20 gangs, the number changes because of "C and C" (casualties and confinement).
        The Mara Salvatrucha play off the issues in Mexico, recruit, establish, and operate principally (but not totally) among the AFDC spawn in these four counties....representing about half the population.   These gangs have membership of at least 15,000 in these counties alone.   The fight among themselves and ally themselves in various floating connections with the Mexican cartels...who are also degraded and ever-floating in numbers and organisation due to C and C.     The entire business is  Death, of course.    The profit for the cartel and gang people is money that is briefly enjoyed.   Please understand that the MSXIII operates in almost every State of the Union and throughout Canada as of this printing.    The grand overall plan of these "control groups" is to flood into the United States and cause crime waves and welfare dependency so as to deteriorate the financial, social, and cultural fabric of the United States of America.   It is not a Tsunami.   It is more like a slow and increasinly violent earthquake...one that spans two, three, or four generations.
        They are being used by these "control groups", each of whom thinks that it is is control.  There are two loosely organised groups of marxists....the larger a Stalinist-oriented group.  The smaller is a really kooky underground that is composed of sometimes shadowy, sometimes open hostiles....Muslim Brotherhood....and like groups.   Then there are the business people who are typified by John Corzine and his ilk...which are divided into a mainly "legitimate" big business group who task, oddly, is to defame Wall Street and financial institutions by taking active measures from the inside of the institutions.
      The objective of all this mess is to destroy the concept that is presented by the existence of the United States of America.   This, oddly, leads to a bit of humour.   Not very funny humour, but  humour nonetheless.    The useful idiots and fellow travellers who are certain they are all going to be named Mayor of Boise by the Politburo of the Supreme Soviet repeat illogical, banal bilge that makes sense to people like Nancy Pelosi.   It also makes sense to about 3o percent of the electorate in the United States.   The useful idiots and fellow travellers will all be sent to the gulag...if they are lucky.
      One of the main things that they rely upon to scare the heeby jeebies out of the Negroes and the Mexicans, who they think are stupider than a dead rock, by saying "The Negroes and the Mexicans are too stupid to figure out how to register to vote.   Requiring a voter ID to vote is unfair because they are not smart enough to comply with a rule that any vegetarian tapeworm can figure out."    Then the Grand Agents of Hope and Change sit around the table giving each other "high-fours" and slapping each other on the back.   "We have them trapped this time.   They know if they try to do this voter ID thing, we'll call them racists, and the press will come out with article 115 - A, and 327 - DD,  and 295 - C, and that will bark them down."

      BUT HERE IS THE TRUTH OF THE ISSUE.....ONE MORE TIME.   NOT THE LAST TIME, BUT ONE MORE TIME......:     There is a big Mexican factory just south and west of where El Gringo Viejo is writing at this moment.   Right now, living over there , are about 110,000,000 Mexican-type models of the human race.   About 70,000,000 Mexicans are qualified by age and civil record to vote in any and all elections.
    Read what one Republican testified concerning the Mexican voting system...with almost 20 years of proven reliable results and increased participation that is, in sociological terms, almost impossible to comprehend.

David Arredondo is Vice-Chairman of the Lorain County Republican Party in Ohio, and is himself the son of Mexican immigrants. In May, he testified before a committee held in Cleveland that included Senator Sherrod Brown. The following is an excerpt of his testimony to the panel.
The electoral system created by IFE is open and transparent. Every eligible Mexican citizen has a tamper-proof photo-ID card with a thumbprint and an embossed hologram. All voters are required to vote in their neighborhoods and in 2005, the law was amended to allow for ”external,” or out of country absentee voting. There is no such thing as a provisional ballot. All elections are held on Sundays. Mexico is a relatively poor country yet does not lower standards to allow for the poor to register and vote as is done in America. No excuses are made while setting a high standard for all with no discernible drop in voter participation.

The registration process requires all citizens to personally enroll. Proof of birth or citizenship is step one. Applicants are photographed and fingerprinted and then required to personally return to collect their voting credential. [emphasis added]
There is a bit of....inaccuracy....in this clip in black above.   It is essentially correct,   but the people are not required to vote or even register.   BUT, even more than a passport, the Credencial Federal Electoral is the  best and most used and most trusted identification document held by a Mexican.   It has 13 different filters, blocks, particulates, and other cyber-hoops to jump through.   Fakes are readily detected by scanners both common and advanced.   Then, with the fingerprint and the picture and the signature.....A MEXICAN GOES TO VOTE, AND AT HIS/HER PRECINCT THE ELECTION"S WORKERS....REPRESENTING EVERY REGISTERED POLITICAL PARTY....HAVE A COMPLETE CATALOGUE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE OF QUALIFIED, REGISTERED VOTERS INCLUDING THAT ELECTOR'S PICTURE....WHO RELATE TO THAT PRECINCT.

     All Mexican technology, all Mexican initiative, all Mexican supervised, counted, and recounted.

So, sorry to the  folks who run the Obsolete Media and the National Socialist Democratic Workers Party.    You know inside of your heart and soul that Mexicans are stupid and need you to spoon feed them and "take care" of them.
      Tea Party People and Rightwing-crazy Republicans know that Mexicans and people with Mexican and other Latin ancestry are actually pretty smart...most of the time...like anyone else.   The Mexican voting process is enviably far more advanced than our own, and more accurate.   Ergo, people of Mexican ancestry, who come from a group of people with the most difficult to qualify for, have to stand in line for...for hours sometimes....and pay to replace if lost or stolen....350 pesos....and who can have a COMPLETE CATALOGUE WITH THE PICTURE OF EACH ELECTOR IN THE PRECINCT....THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRETY OF THE NATION certainly can  obtain a picture ID in the United States of America.    And remember, in Mexico, with the very tough standards, people have increased, hugely, their participation in the electoral process, both as a gross number and as a percentage of the population.

     So, as we started, so shall we end with this set of observations.   Your notion of flooding the country with the unqualified and unwashed will not work in the long term.   Your positions on advancing your "client groups" are truly racially driven...and show your own low opinion of the "huddled masses".   You see them as digestive tracts, and reproductive systems that can be used to destroy the American Exchequer.  We, on the other hand, remember the words of Ronald Wilson Reagan... "The Mexican Americans?   I know a lot of them vote Democrat, but they are actually pretty much all Republicans, it's just that not all of them know it yet."
     For those OROGs who might doubt this, consider that even among those who were thrown into the peonage of the American welfare system....many have slithered out, and become things like successful soldiers, blue and white collar professionals, and business owners.   Of the colonial batch, they tend to vote up to 65 - 75 %  Republican.    So, spare the innuendo, and spare me.....Democrat campaign people....the "taking care" of the poor "Hispanics".

El Gringo Viejo