Monday, 3 September 2012

An admonition

     Once this election is over, and assuming that the Republicans can actually avoid shooting themselves in various body parts, there are other issues to quickly address.   The left will immediately begin a "moderation" and "bi-partisan co-operation" offensive.  The left never quits, the left never tells the truth, and the left will use every measure to forward the effort to put everyone in a shabby Mao suit, except important people like Hillary.
      We must remember to stand vigilant concerning the probable, almost immediate, effort of the Romney White House to "reach across the aisle" by proposing a National Socialised Medicine Initiative as to "replace" the "bad" socialised medical services legislation with a "good" socialised medicine initiative.    After all, it is good for the parents to pay for their children's insurance until the child is 83 years old.   Old people, like parents, don't need money anyway, and besides there's a sale at the mall.
      Somebody has to pay for Miss Flukie's birth control pills, and it might as well be my daughter, and your daughter, because Miss Flukie wants somebody to pay for them besides herself.   And...of course....if we give the Democrat National Socialist Party just this one little pair of points, they will love us and laud and magnify our names and make sure that we are on the Kwanzaa Card mailing list forever.   And, of course, we can have a group hug and figure out how much more of  the Obama Nationalised Health Initiative we can give them next week.   It will only cost a trillion here and a trillion there, and then they will let us come to the parties at all the right places in Georgetown and Manhattan and the Hamptons and at Martha's Vineyard.   Nancy Pelosi might even give us the address of that wind tunnel where she does her facial exercises.
     It is necessary to keep all the powder, wadding, flint, and ball dry because the galleries of the House and the Senate Chambers will be crawling with Occupy people, Grey Panthers, Cafeteria School Lunch and Starving Children's Dremes-R-Us Peoples' Coalition, and so forth.  The demonstrations will be shrill and the socialist Obsolete Press will be airing article after article about how Republicans are starving granny and her 436 grandchildren.   "You just can't feed them all with one can of dog-food like we used to."
     NARAL will renew calls for requiring all doctors and hospitals to provide mandatory post-partem abortions for children up to the age of 3, so as to take pressure off of the existing feeding stations.   Some of the cafeteria workers, it will be shown, have to serve 40 children a day their allotment of Soylent Green....and the staff of 666 cafeteria workers is exhausted at the end of their  3 hour day.   The 20.6 Richter earthquake is going to be massive.
     And!  The first thing the country club, moderate, reasonable Republicans will want to do is be moderate and reasonable.    And the day will be lost at that point unless we stand tough.    They will threaten us with the idea that they can make a ruling coalition with "moderate" Democrats and push through President Romney's agenda for "reasonable, kinder, gentler,  and nicer change" and we shall have to stand our ground.
     Our worst enemy will not be the Lamumba-Jefferson-Guevara-W.E.B.DuBois Peoples' Alliance for Peace Through Justice.    It will be HEB Grocery Store and the banks and the Society for Protection of Nice Kitties that Purr When We Scratch Their Chinny-Winnies.   Then, of course, we'll have to save Head Start...because so many children rely on it and die without it.    Just a little for college tuition because, otherwise, the universities won't have an excuse to raise their tuition....and a little extra here for Medicaid.....and crop supports....and there's a really good idea some boys have to make  wind-powered solar's a sure fire deal....
      Okay, you give me 30 billion for my magic underwear solar powered wiring warmer factory in Hawai'i, and I'll vote for your Eskimo Seal Hunters' Poetry Museum and Room of's only another 30 billion dollars....Eskimoes need poetry too.
       After all, they sent us up here to do things for people.
AND THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM.     We need to begin talking and resolving now to start thinking what are battles should be and taking the offensive.     It would be good to start with the Departments of Energy and  Education.   WHY DO WE HAVE A NATIONAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT?  It is the source of inertia, confusion, pointlessness, and for ETERNAL TEACHING TO THE TESTS, instead of teaching the souls and brains of the "students".    National education policies are a ruination of the concept of pedagogy on many levels.     Presently, no nation spends more on its public education in gross or per "student".    And, because of the other cultural rot....unfathered children....teachers' and education unions.....degenerated disciplinary patterns....and a thousand other reasons, all sponsored by the central government....we have to teach remedial courses to people who have a high school diploma because they cannot reason, read, cipher, or keep from picking their noses when they're talking to the Pope.    The Department of Energy should be reduced by 99.9% and transferred to the War Department, and housed in a three room suite at the Pentagon.   There they could keep a status report current on where the oil, gas, gasoline, other distillates and derivatives are, and what is going on at the refineries in terms of productions. 

     We really need to close ranks on this or we are doomed to follow the script of Gibbons.


As always, our sincerest appreciation for your highly esteemed time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo