Thursday, 6 September 2012

Just Can't Take It Anymore!

     While reading a screed with comments concerning what a great guy Tom Brokaw is, it was noted that several people observed that he had finally begun to become substantially what he had always hinted at...a stark raving mad socialist and a boot-lick for Obama.   Various people commented ahead of this person listed below, saying in essence that it is a shame that Brokaw has suffered a bit of a physical setback, but that he is also no longer just a closet pinko.    So, a worm comes along and casts asparagus upon the elephants in the corral and I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!   SCREAM BLOODY MURDER!   SUFFER ME NOT THE MADNESS OF MARXIST LUNACY!!!
Now , I feel better.   Not much better, but at least a little better.   Let me chew up anothr No-Doz and take another swig of my Air-Wick and everything will back to abnormal.

Deranged pinko wrote:

Wow. A respected journalist of great accomplishment and insight has a medical issue, but all I see in the comments here are people with axes to grind, which they do irrationally with non sequiturs.


Replying to Russ Klettke


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El Gringo Viejo, writing under one of his many noms de plumes responded:
GeneralLee writes:
     It used to bother me too, but over the years when they turn the shooting of a Congresswoman and others by a maniac, leaving several dead, and others dreadfully wounded into a political opportunity....then blame me, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Christianity, and the Tea Party....and are applauded by the useful idiots and the marxist Obsolete Press...what are we to do?! And when they turn the funeral of a USSenator, killed in a plane crash...into an hysterical rabble-rousing campaign event...with the family of the deceased there....and damning to hell the Republican colleaques who had come to the funeral out of respect....then one gives up.
      The immediate association of the Joker Shooter in Colorado with a Tea Party member who had the same name speaks to the finality of my impatience with you people. Your side is classless white-trash. Your side calls people racists when they believe that one should certainly spend no more than he takes in. You call Negroes horrid things, the least of which is Mammie
and Uncle Tom, simply because they are Conservative and/or Republcan....proving in fact that you are the racists because you require certain races to perform according to your stereotypical template.
      To hell with my continued patience with you people and your judgement concerning who is rational and irrational. You are the side that assumes Bill Clinton can defend women from the Republican War on Women when in fact he sexually assaulted a minimum of 17 women and raped several, and exposed the presidency to inumerable gaps in security, not the least of which was engaging an intern....who could well have been a sexual activity...a person he was entrusted to defend in terms of her moral and professional guidance. Some defender. You people are deranged.

Non sequiturly yours.
El Grngo Viejo

This, entered below, is a little something that can be printed.   Normally these issuances from the bowels of Leftism are filled with the vilest and coarsest profanity and racial epithets.   But it is still the common thought that comes from the CENTER of the Demcrat Party and the liberal/progressive cabal that unites the mission of the Democrats and the  Stalinist Obsolete Press.

Rep. Allen West (R-Nutjob), the deranged and paranoid teabagger Republican, who was elected into office by equally deranged and paranoid people, was the focus of controversy after making some incoherent speech in which he demanded that liberals and President Obama “get the hell out of the United States of America.” West is renowned for making blatantly false and utterly extremist comments in his quest to join Bachmann and company in turning the Republican Party into a South Park episode.

     It should be pointed out, of course, that Lt. Col. Allen West is a United States Congressman who was recently re-nominated to serve a constituency on the Florida east coast.   It should also be pointed out that Allen West is a highly decorated combat officer who saw action in combat, and who was disciplined for threatening to provide a free sex change operation to an Afghani Taliban captured combatant.  In the heat of battle the prisoner was identified to the Colonel as a person who knew where several American soldiers had been taken after their own capture during the same on-going battle.
     Faced with the alternative, the Taliban thug gave up his buds, so as to have something to look forward to concerning his deal with the 73 virgins in Paradise.   The Colonel personally led a successful effort to take back the American soldiers.   The good Congressman Colonel is renowned for being adamant about his affection and concern for the Republic.   Affection and concern for the American Republic is something the present president and the American leftist amalgam despises.

More Later!
El Gringo Viejo