Sunday, 12 August 2012

O'Reilly does it again. El Zorro caught him, though!

We are brought to a wistful smile when we hear someone include Bill O'Reilly among the various and sundry conservative personalities and pundits.   He is anything but a conservative.   He is certainly not a liberal, but that does not make him a conservative.   O'Reilly does, however, represent what is worst in American political thinking.  Lacking principles, he relies upon reason.   Reason is like fire and electricity....very useful until they burn your house down or melt your bones into your boots.    Reason is what the serpent sold Eve in the Garden.   She convinced Adam to "follow this line of thinking" which seemed very reasonable at the time.
     Being reasonable is what has brought us to the mess where we are, nationally, in terms of our fiscal situation and governmental burden at this time.    We have stated this before, but it merits re-statement, and frequent re-statement;  Doing something on behalf of the American people, reaching across the aisle, compromising, being reasonable, being realistic, and being bi-partisan/non-partisan/non-profit has brought us to the point where three-fourths of what is considered the Black Race in America is mired in the abyss of hopeless, inextractable degeneration.    It has given us a debt larger that the total wealth of the 150 poorest countries in the world, combined!

     Rule by banal platitudes and focus-group one-liners....aspirates.   No mas! No mas!   El Gringo Viejo has railed about O'Reilly's ridiculous, wave-of-the-hand dismissal of gasoline prices going up as a market situations resulting from hundreds of ever-changing, uncontrollable influences, situations, and conditions.   We know that most Americans have some sense of entitlement to dollar a gallon gasoline.....but the fact is that if we have dollar a gallon gasoline, that would be great, except for one thing.    There would be no gasoline, no oil company taxes, no top-dollar blue-collar wages, no commonly held stocks producing dividends for stock holders, no enegy innovations, no explorations, no nothing.
      His dismissiveness, as one follows the thought channel, leads with certainty to oil company nationalisation....and then really high gasoline prices....because the income derived from gasoline overcharges is funneled into the treasury to pay for bureaucrats and their programs, like paying the dole to Muslim men who have four wives, all receiving support from the Queen's Exchequer for the wives' 22 children....all permissible under Shiria law.
       In short, O'Reilly is a braying jackass and absolutely no conservative.   He is that particular type of dullard who says things like...."Well I feel like there should be..." and "Everybody knows it, and that's why they have to keep it secret"....He is like the braying drunk at the end of the bar who outshouts all the other drunks (and sober people) and when he looks around and finds no one in the saloon, says to himself, "That's another argument that I won".

File:Old plough schema.svg
Organic Ploughshare.   Unlike Al Gore,
who actually ploughed the rocky hillsides
of his Tennessee homeland with a team of
mules, El Gringo Viejo simply rode Ulyssis
or Sherman while his grandfather did the

     The following instructive electronic mail was sent to Mr. O'Reilly's attention by the ever vigilant El Zorro.   This is, simply put, one man who knows what he is talking about telling another man who is an ignorant blowhard what the facts are.
Bill O’Reilly,
      You should have your facts before going on the air.  You obviously have no experience with guns.  The ATF 4473 is required for all  civilian gun transfers at gun shows as well as dealer and interstate sales.  The only exception is an intrastate sale or exchange between private citizens in which case the individual who sells or purveys the gun remains responsible for anything that happens with it no matter when or where it goes.  That is the law.
       AK 47s are in two configurations, fully automatic and semi automatic as are AR 15s and other familiar rifles.  You make up some catch title, “heavy armament”, that further compounds the confusion.  The fully automatic rifles (machineguns to you), are only available to citizens if they were manufactured before the 1986 weapons ban signed by Ronald Reagan.  Then they have to have Federal the reporting i.e. ATF 4s, ATF 4, Tax forms, fees, extensive background checks and so much more… you should study so you will know.
    Those of us who appreciate the freedom to protect ourselves and the Second Amendment know the law and abide by it.  We report appropriately and respect the responsibility.  There are a very small few who can do a lot of harm to our society by circumventing the laws we have and that harm extends to the hysteria you exhibit and display for those who watch your TV show.
     Argumentative news sells even if the argument is inaccurate.  The seed is planted.

(El Zorro) (the actual e-mail was signed by El Zorro's normal, citizen, legal name.)

     O'Reilly's logic flows from one reasonable position to the next.   And then one morning all the swords have been beaten into ploughshares and the lambs are laying down by the wolves.

Can't we all just get along?

   Since nobody has a gun, we'll all be safe....right, Mr. O'Reilly?    Are you going to "look out for me and mine".....or will you just tell us to dial 9 - 1 - 1 ?
     As usual El Zorro is right concerning this issue.   And, as frequently happens when a person tries to be "reasonable", Bill O'Reilly is wrong.

9- 1 -1 ,   9 - 1 -1,   Hello?   9 - 1 - 1,   Is anybody out there?   Hello?
El Gringo Viejo