Saturday, 11 August 2012

The following missive was tossed through the window of our Quinta on the face of the Sierra Madre, late last night.   It is from El Zorro, who is always nice enough to throw his message-wrapped stone through an open window, saving El Gringo Viejo the need of re-glazing any damages.   El Zorro states better than does El Gringo Viejo the true ire that those of us with children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, grand nephews, and unimportant things such as that, feel in our souls during these days.

To Gringo in Rural Mexico - Voice of the Sierra Madre Occidental
3:18 PM (23 hours ago)

from El Zorro 

Right on! Right on!
The ideology of change:  A basic truth that “The life of man upon earth is a warfare…”  All evils are caused by exploitation of the poor by the rich. The community organizer’s truth is not fixed.  “To him it is relative and changing: everything to him is relative and changing.”
Hope and change are meaningless to the organizer as in the “fundamental change of America”.  A war that is fought with positions that constantly change to achieve winning at any cost.  Obama’s change is whatever he wants it to be.  The only thing for sure is if left alone there will be a change, one so horrific that it does not occur to sane people that it ultimately will cause pain we cannot imagine.  Those who drink the cool aid think they will be on the train with him just because they say Right on! Right on Barry!  Guess what.  The train has only the engine. 
The word change is something most of us think of as something necessary, else why consider it.  We change our socks because it is necessary.  We buy a new car because the old one doesn’t serve us.  But what is the necessity for a fundamental change of America?  Since to us, change means necessity to take a different direction we believe this fundamental change must be necessary.  We have to change so we will know why we need to.
We proletariats are not fighting but unbeknownst to us we are being fought.  We did not know how awful our lives were until Obama told us.  We did not think of change until he offered it to us.  Now we have to have it.  We all had healthcare but we now know that we don’t because he told us.  The rich are robbing from us because he told us.  We are the rich because we make $200k a year and take home $75k and we have to pay more.  He told us and we believe him we need to change and what else, oh yes have hope.
We now know that things were so much worse than he thought they were so he needs more time to fix it for us.  More more change.  More more war against the middle class uhhh…errrr upper class.  Yes he can again, still.  You feel me?  Right on! Right on!
A Manchurian candidate is not far from the truth if not the truth.  Obama is a loner with a made up history which is so full of holes it has to be made up.  There has to be an entire army of dark creatures collaborating this fiction.  Could it be the truth that he will not release his Occidental college transcripts because they will prove he was/is not a citizen?  The cover-ups are huge.  There is an elephant in this room.
There is something very wrong that this fool gets 46% approval, or whatever it is, for the job he is doing.  Any approval at all is an atrocity.  What happened to thinking?  It was here just a decade ago.  I don’t get it and I am glad I am my age.  This is not the future I counted on so many years ago. 
Rambling,  but what else can we do but yell, scream, and get in the face of all the whiney souls who don’t get it whether they hear us or not.  Whether they are friends, family, acquaintances, enemies, or who cares who they are. 
We hope our rage excuses whatever incoherence this message has,  but sometimes being coherent does not provide gratification, quite frankly.

(The last we knew of anything was the sound of hooves galloping back into some canyon recesses that we can see, but none of us can find.  We are almost certain that in the daytime, he is among us as though he were one of us.  It is good to know that he is out there, watching the forces of totalitarianism and corruption.
El Gringo Viejo)