Monday, 13 August 2012

Why we need to follow Rasmussen

For those who might have been confused by El Gringo Viejo's ramblings about the polls and the ins and outs concerning polling, we'll just serve this up so that our readership will be a bit more comfitted.
     This does not excuse anyone from making and 10 - 100 dollar credit card contribution and making sure that all of our people turn out to vote for a couple of soft-liberal Republican "conservatives".   It is critical to remove the marxist stench from the White House.  It still has that strange gulagish scent from the 1993 - 2000 period.

     We do feel that Ryan's big-government solution to the Medicare mess might, in fact, be the best method to take away the issue for all times from the National Socialist Democrats.   It will essentially personalise and privatise the issue, making each person the owner of his account instead of having to depend upon any future Father O'bamaham to "give us our health care".   By the year 2025 the whole program will be transformed into a portable and self-owned "policy" instead of an "entitlement".   That is where I have always wanted both Medicare and Social Security to go.   Private, numbered, individually held accounts, each with a number of fairly conservative alternatives that will permit the monies to grow and be passed on in the event it is not used.

     So, while my preferences are not wholly requited, this is a situation that suggests that 95% of a loaf is better than no loaf at all.   Liberal/moderate Republicans who are on a slighly rightward road to Damascus are 5,430 times better than what we have right now.   Plus, an argument and bargaining session between all manners of Republicans....rightwing crazies, tea party, liberals, country-clubbers, and the like....will result in something like an A- solution.   If we control the House, Senate, and 1600 Pennsylvania....the Nation's interest will be better served.
Once again, for the president, this is catastrophic

As always, your kind atttention and patience is sincerely appreciated.
El Gringo Viejo