Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Few Political Realities

Undisciplined hunting dogs, howling and yelping, pulling at leashes.   They know it all.   They are ready to go.  They are in the field.   Their handlers are drinking a lot of beer before the hunt.   The dogs are barking, howling, and yelping....then they break their leashes and bolt into the field.
     Three hours later, the last dog is found, mired in the mud and muck of the swampy, duck hunting spot.  Two have been bitten by water moccasins.  One chased down a possum and had his tongue bitten so bad he'll have to go the vet.   It was a disaster.
     The undisciplined hunting dogs are the political analysts, pollsters, and membres de reportage of the America media.    These comments do not refer only to the ridiculous observations and conclusions made by those great thinkers who were lamenting or celebrating the polls showing Obama winning in a landslide.    There are others who blabber forth about the "Hispanic vote" until the power grid browns out.

     We would like to quickly cover both points.   This will arm the reader with ready ammunition to bring any blowhard to a quick end when he is bloviating about "the polls" and/or the "Hispanic vote".

     (1)     There is not so much as  from five to eight percent of the overall voter turnout for November that has not made a determination concerning how they are going to vote.   Shifting, pro or con, or up or down, the 92 to 95 percent of the electorate that actually will vote in November will be slight.   Those who have not decided will probably not vote, or they will vote for the challenger, if previous patterns guide us correctly.
     Forty-two percent of the probable voters are mentally deficient, or committed marxists, or on the dole, or feel like victims, or hate anyone who has the least little thing more about which he/she can be jealous and resentful, or have been given a pack of cigarettes by a New Acorn community organiser outside the shelter to vote to-day, or are dull, thuggish, self-entitled, labour union dunces. These are the people with no souls and/or with battery acid for blood.    Many are mean hags who just hate men.....and pretty women....and people who smoke....and people who smile.
      About forty-nine percent of this cycle's voters are people who asked themselves, "What is best for the country and my children and grandchildren?"   They will vote even to override their self-interest.   They are people with souls.
       If the people who have souls and who do not throw pampers out into the parking lot all go out to vote, then this election is all over, right now....done....stick a fork in it.

      (2)      There are four States wherein are found a majority of "Hispanics" in the United States.    They are California, Texas, New York, and Florida.   The Electoral College votes of the first three are already determined.  Every "Hispanic" in those States can vote or not vote, and it will not affect the result of how those States are going to tally their Electors in the Electoral College.    California is an insane asylum, and they hate people who hate homosexuals and crippled Eskimoes, so they will vote Democrat.   If not one "Hispanic" votes or if they all vote, it will not change California's Electoral College vote.  It all goes National Socialist Democrat.
      New York, aside from many nice and noble stretches and places, is the hell-hole of the teeming masses and the politically correct zombies patrolling every corner of the State.  It does not matter a whit how the "Hispanic" voter votes or does not vote in New York.   The State is destined, like any State in full decline, to send all of its electors to the Electoral College to vote for the National Socialist Democrat Party.
      The Republic of Texas, which is a place where considerable normalcy still takes place, has about one-fourth of its population within the "Hispanic" group.   It does not matter if all qualified "Hispanics" vote, or do not vote, the Electors Texas sends to the Electoral College will all vote for Romney/Ryan.    THIS DOES NOT EVEN CONSIDER THE FACT THAT, IN TEXAS, 40 TO 50 PERCENT OF "HISPANICS" IN TEXAS WILL VOTE FOR THE ROMNEY/RYAN TICKET.

      Only in the State of Florida is there any sense that the "Hispanic" vote will have some bearing on an the Electoral College delegation.   But even there we have the situation that since all "Hispanics" are exactly the same, they are also, of course, completely different.   Generally speaking the "Hispanics" of Cuban background will tend to vote 70/30 for Romney/Ryan and the "Hispanics"  of Mexican and other Latin American  origin will vote about 65/35 for Obama.   There are more Cubans in the "Hispanic" mix, and they will tend to vote more heavily, while the other "Hispanics" will tend to vote in lesser ratio as part of their whole.    In Texas, for instance, the Mexican Americans in the southern tip of Texas turn out with slightly less than 25 percent of those registered.   Across the Rio Grande, during the last presidentials in Mexico, "real live" Mexicans turned out at a 65% rate.    Latins in the dispersed population in Texas tend to vote in the same percentage as the universe of voters in the rest of Republic of Texas, around 60 to 70 percent.

      So, while it is a noble thing to vote, and perhaps all people who are legally registered should vote, in this case the "Hispanic" vote is almost moot.   In New Mexico, the large Spanish/Mexican ancestry cohort swirls and mixes its vote;  reference the female, Republican, Spanish/Mexican ancestry governor.   She will be addressing the Republican Convention in a couple of weeks.  The Arizona situation is similar to Texas in terms of percentages, and many, many of the Latins tend to vote unpredictably, frequently Republican....as does the Nevada situation.   Ditto, Colorado...where, as in all the other named and un-named States, the rule is "Hispanics" on welfare and public assistance vote Democrat, and "Hispanics" not on welfare or public assistance tend to vote Republican.   Imagine that.
     The real problem is to convince the really intellectually challenged Geezers  that Romney and Ryan are not going to "take away" their Medicare and Social Security.   Sixty percent of the Geezers already understand the Ryan proposal and they favour it.   We need to convince the other forty percent to either vote correctly or, failing that, remind them to vote on Wednesday, the 7th.   This concerns especially the State of Florida, although we should be able to hold 99% of The Villages population and similar clusters (which are many) in Florida.    At this point Florida can be carried with just normal hard work and voter mobilisation.

Later, some discussion about our place in Mexico, birds, and such things.    Your time, attention, and patience is appreciated at this place, always.
El Gringo Viejo