Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Amos and Andy on the Campaign Trail


De las' time we tole you all dat we was gonna do de hope an' de change....but we was lie'n.   Dis time, cracker dawgs, deh gonna give y'all de rope an' de chains.   yjou'll see...yjou gonna see.

Andy (l)
Rendering respect to the Flag for the first
time in his adult life

Buy your tickets to the next stop of Amos and Andy's minstrel show, coming sooner or later to a location near you, maybe.  Don't worry about advance sales, because the crowds are not very big....the show is not very good.   It plays better in the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, and Hyaniss Port, where the audiences are rich, but not very bright.

El Gringo Viejo