Monday, 6 August 2012

Madness of Lunacy

    We are back from the tropical wonderland.  All is well, hot with a few showers on the last couple of days.

      It has been stunning to observe during the past few days how the obsolete press and the Democrats (redundant?) have lock into a cause that is equally mendacious as it is destructive. The notion that Mitt Romney did not pay any income tax in ten years is preposterous.   To say that "somebody told me" is the new standard for authoritative evidence is preposterous.  Anyone with an IQ almost as high as a dead rock can see through this sham.

     The value of the charges are further defined by the kind words of Nancy Pelosi, who also declares that the charges are true because they must be.   Although she does not disclose her tax situation, being second in line behind the Vice-President,  in the line of succession, she would probably argue that her tax situation is not pertinent to this argument because she is a Roman Catholic.

     Solution?   A brief statement from anyone who can stand up and say to the gaggle of fools and their lackeys the press,"If the Internal Revenue Service does not have any problem with Mr. Romney's tax filings, then where is the issue?    Also, if Mr. Reid knows with certainty that there is a failure by Mr. Romney to have paid his taxes, he should tell the IRS.   His failure to do so is, in itself, a criminal act.   If Mr. Reid's "very reliable source"  knows that Mr. Romney or anyone else, has not paid taxes to the United States government for the past 10 years, that person is remiss in not having informed the IRS of such a matter.   It would serve both Mr. Reid and his informant to bring this matter to the attention of the IRS because there would probably be a sizable bounty paid to them as well.
     "We could further suggest that Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi refer the matter to Mr. Eric Holder, their own very reliable Attorney General whose prosecution of so many important cases and his quick action in the Solyndra matter, among scores of others, has been been so incredibly....noteworthy.
      "We further urge that Mr. Reid consider that Mr. Romney has made more charitable contributions in the last ten years than Mr. Reid has ever made or will ever make.   Mr. Reid, in his own right, is a considerable financial genius, having parleyed his 190,000 dollar per year salary into an extensive 8 figure estate.   His theatre of operations was within the a series of very peculiar insider real estate transactions in Las Vegas area."


El Gringo Viejo