Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What Is Left Out (cleaned up)

Mr. Romney and even a few "reasonable conservative commentators" fail in their necessary attack on Barak Hussein Obama's off-the-prompter rant on several levels.   This is to be expected because the marxists, Chicago thug-operatives, and union-thug operatives are permitted to lie, cheat, and steal by the "watchdog press" but they will carpet bomb anyone who remotely suggests that the White House is under the command of a substantially psychotic marxist.   This is in keeping with the true observation that the left loathes truth and worships mendacity.
     To begin, we are told by the fellow travellers and useful idiots (Uncles Joe's name for them, not mine) that Barry really is a likable guy, and he did not mean that he had it in for people who are "successful" or who have high incomes or who might be what we call "rich''.

     POPPYCOCK!    He means every word of it and more.   During his amble off the Hacienda de la Telepromptera he fell into a common marxist rant.    It has been said many times, many ways.   El Gringo Viejo can type up something from just the gentle winds, blowing long-dead leaves around in the gardens of his mind....such as..."They can't do it can't do it alone...the government accompanies each comrade to security and correct relevance in society.  And further, the wealthy....those lucky ones who have made it on the backs of those who build the roads and bridges and tunnels and railroads....should pay their fair share....Pay back to the ones who sweat and bleed so that they can feed a few crumbs to their families, while the rich are having brunch on caviar and champagne, aboard their yachts...sailing in channels dredged by boatmen with blisters and callouses.   The time has come for them to pay a little something to the rest of us who made it possible!!!"
     It is an old, old, old saw.   Every type of socialist demagogue in the history of socialist demagoguery has said what Barak Hussein Obama said on Friday past, or what El Gringo Viejo has written in the above paragraph.
     They hate success.   They hate beauty.  They hate dignity.  They hate self-sufficiency. They hate rules that bind.  They hate cleanliness.  They hate private property.   They hate self-defense.   They hate religion that points to an eternity.  They hate profit.  They hate correct order.
      They love failure without redemption.  They love hideousness. They revel in coarseness.  They love 'community interdependency(?)',  They love licentiousness.   They love filth, litter, and rotting garbage.   They love public domain.  They love for someone to come to protect them.   They love "churches" who worry more about how to feed 300 pound 5th graders than they worry about parishioner's souls.   They love "non-profits".   They love disorder.
     The capitol building, and there are many, of their domain is every downtown area of every city of 250,000 in America, where one group or another that has been "helped" by marxist,, spread the wealth, social engineering, urban renewal, kinder and gentler caring programs has brought ruin.   Grafitti, abandoned buildings, drug addiction, harlotry of unimaginable dimensions, housing "projects" that are something akin to inverse, convoluted prisons and zoos, where optimism is a 12 year old hoping that he will be killed sooner rather than later.    Illiterate teachers teaching pregnant 11 year old girls and 13 year old boys who are contemplating who they will kill tonight in that "other gang" seven blocks away, are legacy monuments to their "New Deals".
    In the hootsey-tootsey universities, every year,the same marxists teach a new batch of arrogant, spoiled, lazy, and narcissistic slugs that they have a right to have my daughter pay for their birth control pills.  They are taught that discimination and racism and one certain pejorative word leads people to a life of poverty, despair, and exploitation, and that it is endemic only to America, and it is caused by white people and especially white people who are either self-sufficient or wealthy.  The song never changes.   It simply waits to be heard by a new sophomoric batch of slugs who "discover" poverty and discrimination and strike out to destroy the cause....America and wealth and productivity.    It is how fewer than 0.000000001% of the population can assume the mantle of "We are the 99%".  Over and over.

There is a song from the grooveyard of Rock and Roll, the linkage to which I include here:
     It is truly over and over and over again.   The leftists, all stripes and types and shades of pink and red, never stop oozing through the cracks with the same programs, projects, and historically success-proof solutions to problems that most frequently either do not exist or that are temporal or which have causes that cannot be abated.   Diego Rivera began his professional artistic career with serious, stunning works.   Better than Picasso, when both were guided more by the classic and impressionist instincts that they had early on.
     But Diego began his march to the left, "alliance with the poor (snickering up the sleeve)".  One work that marks kind of a pivot point for Diego is "A Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park" which was a rough attempt at a historograph of Mexico up to the 1940s.  It begins to show much of his disdain for the ostentatiously wealthy.   He had little difficulty in approving his own ostentation, however, which grew in terms of wealthy and not-s0-wealthy young women, fine liquor, comfortable living, and hobnobbing with extremely wealthy "progressives" and communists like him.

Sunday in the Alameda Park
   (still quite an event in the middle of downtown Mexico City)

    Now, for Diego and Frida and Barak and Michelle,  I pay taxes to keep the schools open, and I have no children in the banal child-feeding depositories that are called schools.    My wife and I paid and pay income taxes, and other taxes, and we set up businesses that ran pretty well, and we hired people, paid commissions, provided social security payments, indirectly paid significant portions of the wages and profits and taxes of our providers and suppliers.    We paid more than the normal person at each turn than what was paid by the standard direct and indirect tax payer.    We were fairly minor players, to be sure, but we were players.
     They wealthy pay for the bridges and tunnels and highways at a far greater rate and proportion than the "common man" that the Obamatrons dream up in their imaginations.   If the common man does not want to  be a recipient of "share the wealth" schemes of the Obamas and the "progressives"....and he dreams of setting up his own plumbing contracting firm, HE IS INSTANTLY SLIMED, DEFAMED, DENIGRATED BY THE NATIONAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA WHO IMMEDIATELY CRAWLS INTO EVERY CORNER OF HIS PRIVATE LIFE AND SCORNS HIM BECAUSE HE IS NOT ALREADY WHAT HE HOPES TO BECOME...follow that logic.   Yes, we remember Joe the Plumber.   And Michelle LaVaughn Robinson's "All this for a flag...?" sneering statement....and "For the first time in my adult life I am finally proud of my country".  They hate America.  They hate self-sufficiency.  They hate self-reliance.

     No, Mr. Obama....I do not owe any more than what was paid.   We paid more than most.  Furthermore, consider that oil companies have paid over 1/2 of a  trillion dollars in "infrastructure taxes" in the past decade, but you and yours would strive to either nationalise or destroy that noble industry.  EXXON has paid 40,000,000,000 (40 billion) USD in national and State and local taxes in the last ten years, by itself.
     Our concern is for the producers.   And not only the large, medium, and small business people.   Our concern is for the skilled workers...the guys (and gals) who go down and finally qualify for their underwater welding certification.....their HVAC....their HAZMAT diploma....their LVN....their Cosmetologist licence...and on and on .....THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE IT WORK!!!     While we recognise that some of this certification, in and of itself, represents meddling by government, the little certificate of successful completion, the diploma of qualification...those seemingly little insignificant pieces of paper represent badges of physical and intellectual honour.   The are not insignificant pieces of paper.   THEY REPRESENT SELF-SUFFICIENCY, COMPETENCE AND NOTICE BEING SERVED THAT "I can take care of me and mine, thank you!"
I will calm down...I will calm down....I will calm down....and prepare to go down, on Friday, to my last life project of building and  maintaining an adobe mini-mansion "B and B" with low-tech themes to impulse locals to "go back to their future" and take advantage of a better way to build.   Then they make a lot of money and come up to Texas to buy things, and then Gringos come down and watch birds the Gringos don't have...and it becomes a perpetual motion machine.   I will calm down....I will calm down...
El Gringo Viejo