Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Hour Cometh and Now Is....

The time has come for us to begin gathering up our camels and tents, girding our loins, and flocking our sheep.   It is necessary to return to our little mud hut in the Mexican outback and attend to our visitors.   Alvaro has been holding things down for a good long stay of it, and there have been many projects that he is very probably desirous of showing off to the Gringo Viejo. 

     There have been plenteous rains visited upon our area, so we are hopeful that the flamboyan trees and other growies have responded well to our husbandry and the available moisture.  Alvaro has apparently run a water line to our southern edge of the "disciplined" upper part of the property, something we had talked about on occasion.   Alvaro may have been a little overly spontaneous in the installation, but perhaps he will pay for the pipe, faucets, and plumber's work for the installation at our pump.  Something tells me that the bill will be mine, however.

     A bit of damage from very high winds, and the debris carried by such winds, has been fixed right where our chimney joins the roof, so that is a good step forward.   One of the reasons for having built our little place in the manner we did, was to avail ourselves of the relatively less involved processes and less expensive financial outlays required  to repair whatever needed repairing.

     We should be away for a bit of a longer stay of it.  Most, if not all, of our chores in Texas have been acquitted, and they are in better hands with my better half, in any regard.   Arriving back down at our little paradise, one of the first things that we really want to plumb is the attitude of the people concerning the elections past.  The link here provided

with a clumsy but workable State by State interactive device for totalling of the votes for each registered candidate.   There were several surprises in the outcome for this observer.  We also noted that our girl had done very well in the State of VeraCruz...coming in second, but only 600 or so votes behind Pen~a Nieto in a turnout of about 2,000,000.   Some of the tabulations do not make historical sense, as in Baja California, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Durango, San Luis Potosi and Sinaloa.   Then again, Vasquez-Mota (my candidate) historically should not have been remotely close to winning the State of Tamaulipas, but she did....somewhat decisively.   Her Victory in and around the City of Victoria....was, bluntly stated, overwhelming.   Perhaps my neighbour had something to do with that.   It may speak to my misunderestimating the outcome....being surrounded by a normally PRI populace showing signs of, and then actually voting, PAN.

     The dogs are always glad to see me...sometimes waiting at the paved road and running joyfully, barking and doing acrobatics, behind the old Dynasty that last 200 yards from the pavement to the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.   Doggy treats and medicine that doesn't hurt is here again.   The cats, on the other hand, are not unhappy that El Gringo Viejo has returned.    Perhaps that is the best way to say it.  If we were in colder moments of the calendar, they would be a bit more demonstrative, because they assuredly see me as their organic overnight heater.

     We are having a bit more activity as the comprehension of normalcy is worked into the psyche of the people again.  Things have been on a slow but steady upswing for the past few months.   We are awaiting the return of our American visitors to change from a trickle back to where it had been 24 months ago....and we are bolstered in our optismism by the general feeling and gossip that troops that have been deployed are going to be placed in a fully re-organised deployment pattern, meaning  that they will stay in place as part of a formal, permanent repositioning of forces.

     We should be adding on to this information later to-night.  It will be found here or in another new post.   Thanks to everyone for your attention and valuable time!
El Gringo Viejo