Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Psssst. Sen~or, su mula esta' de vuelo.

TEAM O'BAMA'S  "PLAN X" is 'up in the air', according to Ben and Tim

This is the result of Ben's (left, standing) and Tim's
(right, standing) last attempt to load the cart.  The
fellow hanging in the air is you, the taxpayer.
All the people on the planet now await, with bait
 on their breath, Ben's and Tim's next attempt to
right the cart and to pay Tim's IRS bill, on time. 


A three year study by the Foundation of People Who are Better and Smarter Than You, (a nonpartisan, non-profit organisation for the promotion of social democracy and progressive ideas and agendas and for taking everything from the 50% of the population that pays income taxes ..aka, 'the 1%'....and giving it for the defense and support of the exploited 50%...aka the '99%'), has determined who is at fault for the situation pictured above.

George Bush.

We also devised a solution,.
     It became obvious that the problem was not enough weight in the front.   So, we placed a bill into the congressional calendar repealing previous laws concerning weight, and establishing Metric Mule Measure, aka the BOV, which means Environmental Emergency in Tightening Rope Netting and Hair Spray Conditions for Minorities and Lesbian Eskimoes.  Republicans still have done nothing with this legislation, which will result in hunger for minority children, the middle class, and the mentally challenged polar bear community (the ones who have cute babies).
     The ATF and E was also authorised to shoot the offending cow above-pictured, and to blame the appropriate parties (gun owners) for the death of the cow.  But now, after three years and a fraction, the animal is still hanging in the air.  Nothing has happened.   Ain't No one can understand that nothing we don't do don't hardly  amount to nothing....no how.

     The party at fault for all of this is named below.
George Bush.

PS.   We shall have to skin that cow to determine what is in it.  It might just be a dog.

     We are actually astonished that so many people are watching CNBC, FOX Business, and Bloomberg while Bernacke and/or Geitner drone mendacious, deranged bilge out like a pair of stoned gurus in a cave in India.    One rock plus one rock equals two rocks.   Spend three rocks every day, while earning only two rocks per day will quickly lead to having serious and irreversible problems.
EL Gringo Viejo 

(and yes, I know that spell-check says that the correct spelling for Ben's and Tim's surnames is Barnacle and Gwinner)