Monday, 20 August 2012

And men shall cry,"Peace! Peace!"

It is written.  ....."And men shall cry, Peace! Peace!, and there will be no peace."... but like in Porgy and Bess, Gershwin reminds us that what we hear from religious commentators might not be precisely what we think.  ''It ain't necessarily so...."

    Saint Paul does write in his first message to the Thessalonians the following:
"For yourselves, know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.   For when they say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman who is with child; and they shall not escape."
Present day Thessalonika, named for the half-
sister of Alexander the Great

     El Gringo Viejo had to suffer through another parade of arrogant, right-brain thinking lefties who are on a leftie pilgrammage.   This particular group is derived from the pain of Mexican poet Sicilia who lost a son to cartel violence. The son died along with six others a few months back.   He, of course, says his son was a good boy and had nothing to do with drugs or illegal activity.  The six with whom he was keeping company....well...not so much.
     Several leftie pacifistas are travelling with Sicilia through Mexico and the United States calling for "a new approach" to the cartel violence.   They blame the present, outgoing President of Mexico for failing in his war against the cartels, and they ask for a "different approach to drug policies that places individuals, their welfare, and their dignity at the center, calling for alternatives to prohibition."   Sicilia and the lefties named below blame Felipe Calderon Hinojosa for the entirity of the violence, seemingly excusing the cartels themselves.
     The lefties, Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron, and Diego Luna, also take a "hard line against weapons", calling on the United States and to take stronger measures to stop weapons smuggling into Mexico.   The lefties also "ask" that both the United States and Mexico hold financial institutions accountable  for the prevention of money laundering through increased surveillance, investigations, fines, and criminal charges." 
     In the words of Sicilia's organistion,  
"One of Mexico’s best-known poets, Javier Sicilia, laid down his pen last year after his 24-year-old son was murdered by drug traffickers in Cuernavaca, Mexico. In his son’s memory, Sicilia created the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity to urge an end to the drug violence — violence that has left an estimated 60,000 dead, 10,000 disappeared, and more than 160,000 Mexicans displaced from their homes over the past six years. Sicilia is now in the United States to launch a month-long peace caravan to "bring to the American people’s conscience their shared responsibility for the thousands of dead, missing and displaced in the drug war." [includes rush transcript]
     The group is holding an "event" at a standard Rural Legal Aid, Welfare, United Farm Workers meeting place where there will be "....testimonies of drug war victims and musical performances that will be followed by a dinner...".

Javier Sicilia

    Now, the question has been begged, and the answer cometh.   Perhaps a good lead-in to the above posted bilge is the response, included in the article amazingly enough, of a Reynosa businessman saying,"The only thing protecting the citizens from members of organised crime is the Military.   If they end the war and send the troops back like these hippies ask, then who is going to protect us?  The police are a joke, and the man~osos (slick and tricky ones) are not going to suddenly turn into humanitarians should the soldiers leave."
     It is interesting that the arrival of these people came during a new, albeit small dust-up of fighting between the various ridiculous sub-groups of these cartels, each fighting the other, all mainly composed of 18 year-olds zombitos who arrive, from God knows where, here in Matamoros and Reynosa.   The laughable jibberish about "preventing spill-over violence"  is such a joke here that we do not even laugh any more.    Scores of shoot-outs, auto chases, and intense violence has been the rule on the Texas side for the past three years.   It began to occur almost thirty years ago....steadily building until now we have between 5 to 30 people killed every week in the four county Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.....all directly attributable to the cartels and their handmaidens, the pandillas who are products of fatherless births, and in the United States, public assistance.   It is good to report, concerning the little dust-up of factions and fractions of the cartels here that the Mexican Army essentially slaughtered perhaps as many as two score over a period of three days in and around the Matamoros and Reynosa area.   The cartel people fight and do not care where the bullets land, while the Army tries and usually succeeds in pushing the enemy into "firing channels" where only the objective is eliminated, in almost all cases. 
     Also, dear lefties, the reason Mexico was prostrate against the violence is because Mexico is essentially terms of the common class of people....and the law abiding.   Procedures for buying and finding ammunition for a privately held pistol are labyrinthine, at best. spite of Obama and Holder's best efforts to arm as many cartel thugs as possible....most of the weaponry and ammunition for the cartels comes from Eastern European, Russian, and Red Chinese suppliers, through Cuba and Venezuela.
     The "Giuliani Rule" of not permitting a broken window to go unpunished when he was Mayor of New York City is still paying dividends in spite of the concentrated stupidity of the present mayor's silly and corrupt governance.    The notion of tolerating the cartels, or allowing unbridled implicit permission to the drug and human traffickers to push their death and degeneracy ever northward  would...nay, already has....penetrated very, very deeply into the fabric of Mexican society.   The "solution" proposed by the Nouveaux Train de  la Paix is nothing more than a fond, conceited notion by extreme upper-middle class and wealthy lefties who resent anything disturbing their bubble-wrapped, privileged lives.   They are the same hypocrites that we have in the United States who take private jets to rallies that are being held to condemn George Bush's carbon footprint.   They are Frida and Diego...they never really go away.
     The newspaper article is complete with pictures of the "cannon fodder people" holding up placards demanding the immediate suspension of military patrols (the real objective of all lefties until they gain total power), and for immediate "finding" of some poor lost or kidnapped soul.   Other placards blame the soldiers for having violated civil rights, for killing innocent women and children, and brutalities too numerous to mention.    About one case in every 10,000 claimed has some or any merit.   The Reynosa businessman's comments are a condensation of the overwhelmingly overwhelming majority of Mexicans.
(quoted sections derived from article in the McAllen Monitor, 19 August 2012)

More later, about other things.
El Gringo Viejo