Friday, 17 August 2012

Odds and Ends

We feel as though we have arrived.   One of the advertisers that were putting up those cute little announcements one sees to the right on the blog and within text groupings on the website, informed us that our content was racist and extreme.   So, they are not going to be advertising with us, no more, no how.
     We were crushed, and stayed up all night.   Started smoking again.  Called this morning to beg them to come back.  We'll change everything, do anything to have them come back.   The only problem is, they have never had an advertisement on this blog or on the website, but they are going to discontinue anyway.   Like Al Gore taking several hundred thousand dollars from foreign donors at the Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles....all in cash and check....for the 1996 re-election campaign.   When the story made it into the light, Gore pronounced sanctimoniously, "We have never taken any illegal donations from foreign sources, and we'll never do it again."    One of my favourite political statements in this lifetime.
     Oddly, we have never selected them as eligible advertisers.   We noticed that every third point about their fine company dealt with "sustainable" this and "carbon footprint" that, along with "giving back" to the community, "women's issues" and of course "LGBT sensitive".  In keeping with their hypocritical arrogance, much if not most of their product is made in Red China. 
     Since the crushing news, two more advertisers have quietly signed on, no fanfare, just got in line with the queue.    We did ask them not to grovel or beg.
     This goes back, in the recesses of what little is left of my mind,  to the pinko couple who came and stayed at the Quinta.   It was not all that long ago.  They were very nice.   Professors.   They stayed three or four nights....and were very complementary.   They liked my cooking, and they got along with Diana, and they got along with Alvaro and the cats and the dogs.    A month later we received a very hot email about how extreme our politics are and that they were never going to read the blog again and that they regretted ever showing up at our place.
     We had noted the Obama sticker in the back window of their auto.   But, clients are clients.  One of those "Oh, well" moments.

     The issue of Janet Napolitano.....and for that matter Janet Reno.....allows a very bright light to be shewn upon a very, very dark mess.    Complaints have been piling up in the Federal Government workers' union for two years about the establishment of a peculiar girls' club at the top of that useless thing called "Homeland Security Department".   The inability to make sense of anything Janet Napolitano....or Kathryn Sybilius of "Health and Human Services" for that matter....have to say has been de rigueur from our first indirect contact with either.   All three of them are chronic, pathological liars which is a common trait of marxists and something they share with their immediate superior.
      And now we have another "shooter incident".   First round up all the usual suspects.   Tea Party people.   Gun owners.  Republicans.  
      We go through the other recent ones:   A Korean student at the University of  Virginia, a Muslim "soldier" in the Army Medical Corps, a brain-addled kook in Tucson,  two dunces at Columbine who had been treated for ADDT and RRBO and YENZ with dilantin, mellaril, Quaalude, and the like since they were 6 years old, another dunce who apparently did not like Batman, and another idiot, a National Socialist, who could not tell the difference between a Muslim and a Sikh.    In each case the Obsolete Press immediately inferred that the guilty party had to be a Tea Party person, a white racist, a Republican, a gun owner, or the like.   In each case, the Republican conservative, Tea Party type....the legal gun owner....the normal dumbo so despised by the progressive elitists is immediately charged and convicted.
      However, now comes a homosexual, shooting an unarmed building superintendent/security guard.   The homosexual identifies himself as a homosexual.  It is his persona.   It is his profession.   Like Jesse Jackson is a professional Negro, this new personality is a professional homosexual.   This individual has a bag with 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches, and another container with 50 extra rounds of ammunition, and the clear intent to kill or maim as many racist, fascist, retrograde people possible....because they have committed the crime of believing that marriage is a sacred contract between a man and a woman.
       And in the Obsolete Media....almost to a 100% level....there is no mention.    To them, it is only to be expected, perhaps even justifiable.

     In keeping with the above vein, the Obsolete Press almost without fail, does not report and/or does not analyse in detail the avalanche of black on black murder and crime.    It certainly does not report the amount of homosexual on homosexual murder and crime.    Because of the purposeful destruction by white progressives and marxists of the Black race in the United States, 30 million black people in the United States kill among themselves in two years what it has taken 110 million Mexicans six years of full-scale war to kill not quite as many of each other.
      The Obsolete Press will never suggest the following fact to the attention of their decreasing pool of audience zombies:    in these days,  more white people are murdered by black people in a month than there were black people ever lynched in the past.    And, be aware, the fault for 90% of this violence is attributable to white progressives and marxists who simultaneously tried to re-enslave the black race, this time to welfare dependency, and tried to eliminate them through passive euthanasia.   The white progressives argued among themselves, sometimes openly, as to whether black people in America should be made welfare serfs to be turned out to vote upon command for the socialist agenda, or, like Abraham Lincoln wished, sent to dig and die in Panama or returned to Africa or simply be spayed and neutered.  We are reaping the whirlwind.
     Finally, so that the "cancelling advertiser" can understand how truly contrite and ashamed El Gringo Viejo is for having offended the sensibilities of their sensibilities, and in deference to their higher motives, and purer understanding of the nature of the human condition, the following is submitted.

     Nathan Bedford Forrest was the Confederate general Robert E. Lee declared to be the best commander in the field on either side during the War Between the States.   Forrest, from Tennessee, has long been typified as a semi-literate, rough-spoken rustic who was fighting with ruthless frenzy to either sustain slavery or to kill all the Negroes.  He is especially reviled by the half-truthers for his assault on Fort Pillow, where Union officers pushed up ill-trained, recently deployed Union coloured troops to face the ferocious attack of advanced elements of Forrest's battle hardened division.
     It is a matter of fact that revisionist historians and ignorant know-it-alls, and people who say "everybody knows....", are unaware or unwilling to admit the truth of the following.    In the Command Squadron of Cavalry of Bedford Forrest's staff, there were about 90 mounted soldiers, essentially one light-cavalry company.   Forty of the soldiers were slaves on the plantation and the businesses of Nathan Bedford Forrest when the War broke out.   His cook and his valet/horse groom are not counted among these 40, although most certainly they were regarded as combatants by the Union military.
     Valour has value.   Of this Command Squadron of 90 soldiers, only 4 were killed in action, and only 10 were wounded, although they were frequently involved in combat that was dreadfully murderous.    Of the Negro loyalists, none were killed, 6 were wounded, and only one deserted.   The deserter was thought to have been addled by repeated close strikes of explosive artillery devices.   He was not prosecuted or punished.
      Nathan Bedford Forrest made a contract with his black personnel as the War became unavoidable.   He told them that they would be manumitted at the end of hostilities is the South were to prevail, and if the Union were to carry the day, they would be free anyway.  he reminded them that he had been straight in all his dealings with them, and that he considered them as close as any friend or relative that he had, and that he would be proud to dress them in Grey.   Every age-eligible male slave became a Confederate cavalryman that day.
       They were emancipated, but  each already had his letter of manumission to carry as well.  Forrest had given each his manumission at the end of 18 months of the Hostilities.  And as an aside, Nathan Bedford Forrest founded the Ku Klux Klan as a veterans' organisation after the War.   When it morphed into a "Frighten and Intimidate the Darkeys" organisation, he ordered it disbanded, and said that dealing with issues of blacks and whites had many better alternatives.   AND!  He also funded and was instrumental in the  founding of the first Negro College of Law in Tennessee.    He had also gotten into a slight bit of trouble with some dumboes before the War when it was learnt that the Negro children on his properties were being instructed in ciphering, reading, and composition.
      The more El Gringo Viejo has learnt about this man during the years so contradicts what his "book value" is, that it leaves one in the position of suspecting every written thing about anything traditional.  Please watch the following attachment from beginning to end, about 8 minutes.