Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Out of the Night, When the Full Moon is Bright

Please Note:

During the past several months, our circulation has continued to grow.  We receive a small but steadily increasing set of responses and questions about Mexico and about the cultural and political situation both there and in the United States and the Republic of Texas.
     Not at his request, but at mine, El Gringo Viejo will be including comments written in by a friend who is not an alter ego, but more like a co-ego.   A man who says that he has many friends is a fool.   A man might have two or three friends in a lifetime.  This is El Gringo Viejo's friend.
     El Zorro is drawn from a combination of extreme upper class and working class people.   He is a pure-bred Texan.   He has been introduced before as more Indian than certain Democrat candidates for United States Senator from Massachusetts.   He has a strong, old Episcopal catechism and yet wanders from agnostic to theist to spiritualist; he is a true free spirit and he is a true philosopher.   He is, (he never stating such) a war hero who endured the boredom of  Can Rahn Bay  and the insanity of intrusions into "non South Vietnamese adjacencies" (approved by both El Gringo Viejo and El Zorro and someone named richard) to recover personnel and equipment.  He is a person who knows and understands the matter what that happens to be.   He is extremely well-read and well-stated.  He is a college graduate, as well as a fellow graduate of El Gringo Viejo's class of 1964 from Old McHi in Texas.
     There is a certain necessary roughness to both his and my observation of the current state of affairs.  He and I almost almost always agree.  There are times when our concurrence does not resolve into a focus of agreement.   Our differences, however, are like the difference between Latin and the present day Italian language.

Cam Rahn Bay, South Viet Nam

      With this dabbling of an openning, we must advise that we shall receive brief, ORIGINAL FROM THE GUT ONLY, rants...thoughts....wanderings within consciousness, observations, criticisms, approvals, what-if's, and such writings.   We shall require that the writer be substantially sober.   With delusions of grandeur, perhaps we can make this a place of refuge where people can escape the absolute rule of political correctness, while certainly rejecting Klannerbilge.    One of our mottoes will be that "We are Confederates, not Klanners".   We support Negroes, Latins, Anglos, Orientals and even Irish, Mormons, and French people for any office, have done so, and will continue to do so.
    With that, and with a appeal to humour, kindness where possible, ire where necessary, we commend the site to the public's readership and participation.   Perhaps we shall become the Drudge of old-fashioned home-spun, Southern-style barbershop commentary.


Oddly, the El Zorro above-pictured looks
amazingly like the El Zorro who sent in this
submission to Voice from the Sierra Madre Oriental



Ich bevorzuge Bier so billig war!
But… I digress.  Demography is the greatest determining factor regarding fates of the Judeo-Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, etc. and other compassionate religions.  In this point, I will include atheists and agnostics as philosophical escorts and cohorts to the world's religions worth keeping.  Or, for all practical purposes, all non-Muslim populations.
The fact is that Muslims are taking over the world demographically through birth rates and infestations everywhere geographically.  Their birth rate is estimated at about 2.2 births per Muslim woman to 1.5 for European women (Norway it is 3.1 to 1.8).  In the United States the total births per woman is 2.05 and the Muslim birth rate is 2.1; however, the Muslim population here is only about 3%.  It is growing however, especially in Obama’s stomping grounds.  Minnesota is infested as well, with their own Muslim representative Keith Ellison.  Some rates in some countries are higher as in northern Africa.  France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, and the UK are particularly at risk and pretty much in that order as far as the Eurozone is concerned and as relates to your column.
The European Countries are terrified by the Muslim populations growing in their countries because they are very invasive and do not assimilate but do intimidate the indigenous peoples.  The Ummah is their country.  The simple definition of the Ummah is “the unity of all Muslims led by a caliphate”… but you know the meanings and history.
The birth rates are dynamic.  The trend is scary.  Muslimism (Islam) is a total life system that replaces and/or fuses religion, government, and all other ideologies.  A Muslim who does not commit to Islam is an apostate.  Apostates are treated as non-Muslims but may be imprisoned instead of being put to death if the hadith affirms the individual does not work against Islam or can be reformed.  That is rare.  The non-Muslims are considered either Satanic or friends of Satan depending on the hierarchy of religions established in the Quran.  In all cases non-Muslims including heretics, infidels, and apostates are at risk of death.
This tirade was inspired by El Gringo Viejo's last paragraph from the entry of 17 June 2012.  It is a large part of the reason for the decline of the Eurozone and collapse of world financial systems.  Islam is influencing all the financial structures by infiltration of the political systems and putting unsustainable stress on the public assistance structures.
The Muslim ideology was an inspiration to the third Reich and der fuhrer.  Hitler affirmed a belief in Christianity but instilled in it the purge of Jews and  the Nazi philosophy ( Please review Mein Kampf).  He had training in the religion and attended monastery but privately had negative views of Christianity.  He stated at times that Christianity was just another form of Judaism.  (back to topic) The persecution of the Jews and degradation of Christianity during that epoch is not dissimilar to Muslim practice since the 7th century until now.
Islam will take over the world either quietly or by violence unless it is neutralized or eliminated.  We are not "safe"….therefore we must be brave.

Last:    Good analysis on George Zimmerman.   If you will allow me this addition observation;  He did not kill the kid for fun.  He had a license to carry.  The requirements are very rigid.  I know because my wife and I have ours.  FBI background checks and great formal instruction as to how and when to use are sufficient to initially know he was well trained.  The FBI check guarantees he is a good citizen… at least as of 2009 when he and his wife acquired theirs.
The issue of funds available whether true or not should be a non-issue.  The amount of bail or whether it is to be granted or not should not be connected to what he can afford but rather to fit the flight risk.  I submit that the CHL is a testament that he would not bolt.  This is a witch hunt.  I give him a 90% righteous rating and no bail requirement.  Then investigate the issue before prosecution.
El  Z