Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Say It All Over Again

Janet Reno, Hillary Clinton, Helen Thomases, Mrs. Brady and the gaggle of "ban the guns, have peace" crowd designed and devised the attack on Vernon Howell's insane asylum in the Blackland Prairies of Texas.  On a warm and very windy day in April, backed-up by military assets authorised by the hero of the Battle of Mount Carmel, Gen. Wesley Clark, the FBI as a subset of the ATF and E, killed 76 men, and especially women and children, so as to bring the Head of St. John the Baptist to the daughter of Herod.....Queen Corkscrew Sir Edmund Hillary, Duchess of Cattlefutureshire, who cannot remember anything, but has done more for women and children than all other people since the arrival of the Sumerians.
     Vernon Howell (aka - David Koresh) was no John the Baptist.   He was simply a marginally sane whitetrash shyster, shucking religion to people of fairly dull intelligence.....many of whom were women, foreigners, children, Negroes, and such people usually used as cannon-fodder by the marxists within the American political panoply.
 Very imaginative Kwanzaa concept
     But while we are instructed to respect every known religion and notion of things unseen, such as the wholly invented from un-holy cloth "kwanzaa",  and the extreme versions of Islam which demand that a woman be forced to be a saint or have her brains blown out for half-time entertainment at the local soccer game,  we are allowed to despise the "Branch Davidians" sect of the the Church of the Seventh Day Adventists, because they are kooky, and some kind or another of Christians.   It was because they had guns on their grounds.  They had to be disarmed.
      The issues surrounding "Fast and Furious" are the same.   It was a great Battle of Gettysburg designed by the marxists in the Obama government along with those forces who are totally dedicated to the disarming of civilians in America.    It is a huge and never ending commitment.    Mean, vicious elitists who live in gated communities in the Hamptons, who have armed security agents surrounding them 40 hours per day, 9 days per week, demand that the rest of us call the police, so that the police can come over an call the coroner two hours after the first 911 call.   Does anybody here know what the number for 911 is?  Can you bring me some more toe-tags?
     It's like Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative.   We get to have hospitals for us because we are important, and you get to have two aspirins and an appointment for next month with the gynaecologist....what, you are not a female?....what does that have to do with it?  It's not my fault....You should have taken care of that several years ago....Next!
      So, we set up a deal whereby we can sell guns into Mexico and then arrange for some Cartel thug to shoot an innocent American or a federal law enforcement officer.   Then we can point out that the gun was sold by a greedy gun dealer in Tucson or Phoenix, and have Obama sign an executive order prohibiting the sale of guns and ammunition.
      As El Gringo Viejo has stated on numerous occasions, the vast majority of weapons used by the Mexican Cartels over the years have been imported into Mexico, in original transport cases, from eastern European legal and black-market arms dealers.....Chinese Communist PLA specialists in the sale and trafficking of military-grade automatic rifles and weaponry - specifically arming the Mexican cartels so as to destabilise the Republic of Mexico and create disorder in the United States, especially in what is politely referred to as "urban areas".    Most of the arms have come through a delivery filter that crosses over, under, around, and through Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, although sometimes, as has been pointed out, they arrive aboard "legitimate" Communist Chinese trans-oceanic freighters docking, blatantly, in the Puerto Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan....with shipping crates filled with hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition and hundred and thousands of automatic rifles.   The shipping boxes are marked "medicines" or "tennis shoes" or "Mrs. Olsen's necklace alarms".   But they are actually carrying armaments and ammunition for the cartels, the "urban" gangs in the United States, and other groups on the extreme left in Mexico and Central America.   It is Red Chinese military active measures.   Every Chinese restaurant established in the last 20 years in the United States is probably a front for a cell of ready-to-call saboteurs and shock troops.

      This is actually what is going on.  We have pointed it out at some peril to ourselves.   It is the actual, on the ground conclusion of honest and serious Mexican military officers.   Politicians....even of our own party like Mexico must necessarily at least act like the firearms coming from the United States have some significance militarily.   Their value, militarily, is in fact minuscule.    Common gunmen of the cartels wear out a rifle in a couple of firefights due to unwillingness to go through the necessary cleaning and maintenance.   The actual recovery of American-sourced weaponry at forensic sites in Mexico composes about 3 percent of all weapons recovered by the military.    Even most of the M-16 rifles are Red Chinese knock-offs.

    AND, like Mount Carmel, the "Fast and Furious" program has blown up in the faces of the "smart" people....the new Gestapo....who are doing people a favour by disarming them.  Tell that to the nearly 400 people at this point who have been killed and/or wounded by guns directly retraced to the "Fast and Furious" program.  These are the innocents, the women, children, honest to somewhat honest cops, and soldiers and sailors who have been KILLED AND WOUNDED.   And, American federal police personnel have been KILLED AND WOUNDED by these same weapons.   SCREAM BLOODY MURDER.   SCREAM accomplice to murder in the first degree.....Holder and Company.

      The Department of Justice has behaved stupidly.   Perhaps this is a teachable moment.

El Gringo Viejo