Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What Mitt Should Say. A humble suggestion

     This is a choice to be made by democratic republican process.   It is a clear choice between the American Way and the way that leads to the burial ground of great nations.
     This is a choice between a government that assumes that it has the right and  responsibility to finance "shovel ready" jobs for Americans, and then snickers among friends that ".....there weren't quite as many shovel ready jobs as we thought there were...." , and a government that stands aside and allows the private sector to risk its own money to impulse economic activity and projects that provide high-skill and professional opportunities.
     Why should it be necessary for us to borrow and tax ourselves into financing projects and programs that are hopelessly flawed and destined to fail?   Governments run by socialist-minded social engineers fund their friends to produce solar panels....six different companies....and even after a billion dollars and then some, the companies all go broke.   They lasted long enough after hitting the obvious icebergs that they could get all the President's big donors into the life-boats with monstrous payouts.   All the "little people" who really are not qualified to live in the Hamptons really needed to fend for themselves.   They are used to suffering, anyway.   But, the President and his friends use other peoples' money, via taxation and borrowing, to make their "hard landing" very soft indeed.
      When standard Chapter 11 Bankruptcy was indicated for to-day's Government Motors, the President muscled in and essentially ripped up the risk-takers' stocks and bonds.   He then re-issued politburo script stock to the United Auto Workers, refinanced the companies involved with the taxpayers' money, and pronounced his work a success.   What he had done, of course, is essentially nationalise the two auto manufacturers, along with selling a good portion to a foreign auto manufacturer and pronounced the entire expropriation a success.   The main accomplishment after all was said and done was to turn the two auto manufacturers over to a cabal of Democrat Socialist administrators and ownership dominated by the United Auto Workers Union, it thugs, and its slugs.

     This graph shows the present position of General Motors common stock price.   For the expropriation to have any remote chance of being even half-way presented as a fully paid- back success, the stock would have to be in the area of 60 dollars per share.    As time goes by, the payout level will necessarily rise a bit due to loss of anticipated return.   By the end of this year, for instance, the payout level will be around 63 dollars, due to depreciation of equipment, debt service, and re-tooling for regular model year changes. 


     The coup de grace was to force the previous General Motors company to produce the VOLT,  that failed at market miserably.   Now, we are given to understand that many of the VOLTs that were  waiting for a call from the American market are now being shipped to Red China, where gulag workers will reassemble and mingle the parts with Red Chinese knock-offs and roll out the Red Chinese "Maomobile".

     The way America works is to allow the marketplace to address challenges, such as the Keystone Pipeline, and then require (or allow) the large and small companies, the rich people, the investor class and all such folks to risk their time and capital in the attempt to provide a product and/or a service.    It's their problem to make money for themselves.   The only way they can make money is by employing competent people to perform the intellectual and/or physical work.   Demand for labour increases, and as such demand increases, wages increase.

     The central government in Washington D.C. cannot and should not "invest" in projects to develop new energy sources, light bulbs, or anything really.   It is literally none of their business.   All those activities should and must be left to people to risk their time,  money, and intellectual ability and preparedness to develop the next new things, to fix the last old things.   It is normal and correct since the private sector normally provides goods and services at higher quality and lower cost than any equivalent by the "public sector".

      The choice is clear.
        Food Stamps or a pair of bicycle manufacturers making a flying machine?
       AFDC or some eccentric making a resistor to fit into a vacuum tube to be fed electricity so as to glow brightly and dependably?
      Section 8 or a character who thinks that he can make electric energy duplicate a voice?
      Unemployment Compensation or Microsoft?
      Head Start or a Cotton Gin?
      Cash for clunkers or the Model T?

      And on, and on, and on.    The more the Government "gives", the more it takes, and the less Americans do for themselves....until finally, like Europe, there is nobody left to do....and nobody left to pay for the nothing that is not done.

      Those who would trade their liberty for security, deserve neither.

El Gringo Viejo