Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The final and best answer to "You're a racist!"

    The pinko huffs and grits his teeth.   He has lost every point on evidential grounds during what had began as a simple, "Hi! How ya doin'" at the saloon in Washington D.C.'s Georgetown area.
   It has been reduced to a bitter, teeth clenching, fist-tightening argument.    The guy on the left happened to see a piece of George Bush propaganda from elections long gone by in the briefcase of the guy on the right.

      After being berated for 20 minutes for supporting a racist like Bush...."all whites from Texas are racist"...who was "selected and not elected" and who "lied" about weapons of mass destruction, the fellow on the left demands "Prove to me you are not a reactionary!  A racist!"

       The guy on the right finally decides to stand his ground, instead of just leaving the maggot on the left to stew alone at the bar.   "Okay.   I would vote for Col. West over Joe Biden.   I would vote for Marco Rubio over Harry Reid.   I would vote for the legal alien, now naturalised-citizen Miriam Martinez and Republican candidate for a seat in the Texas House over Nancy Pelosi for any office.   And instead of being a pansy RINO like Trent Lott, I would have pointed out to the howling mob of black "leaders" and politicians whose only job is to be black, that when Strom Thurmond was being patted on the back for making it to 100 years of age and still in the US Senate, nothing was untoward about wistfully stating, "It was probably a lot better back fifty years ago!"
      "Besides pointing out that Strom was popular with the ladies, there were many other obscure points about Strom that I would have stuffed down Sharpton's fat-mouthed throat.    One was that Thurmond was an "elderly" 44 year old Lt.Colonel who jumped behind the German lines on D-Day.   He was "too old" but made space for himself through rank and privilege to join his boys in front of the Mausers.
      "It would have been pointed out that Strom Thurmond was the first Senator to bring a black man into his office as a senior employee and advisor.
      ''It would have been pointed out that Strom Thurmond, while Attorney General for the State of South Carolina, rammed a bill through the legislature that made it illegal for a person to dress in a costume that would obscure his identity or cover his face, especially at night.   This in 1928 when such a stance could cause severe risk of loss of life.   Also, it was when Robert Byrd was a grand exalted hooplah wizard of the Klan and a recruiter for same.   This was a position that Byrd held until the early 1960s, although it was stated by the Gold Standard of the Truth, William Jefferson Blythe that Byrd had been a Klan leader only briefly and because "....he had to".    Blythe and Byrd...two peas in a septic tanque"

      And then the fellow on the right said, "It's been a pleasure."
      He flipped a 20 onto the bar, motioned the bartender to pay the two accounts and keep the change.   And then he left.

Oh!   And RINOs almost always aspirate.   No guts....they just want to be socialists-lite.  And popular.  And nice.   And not mean.   Or objectionable

El Gringo Viejo