Monday, 30 April 2012

Venezuela, Guns, Gangs, Mob Trade

This Associated Press article is a stunning revelation and
 admission by a normally leftist news organisation that
demonstrates the fact that  deranged, criminal groups
work hand-in-hand with the Chavez Thug Factory;

The Voice From the Sierra Madre Oriental knows, believes, and thinks that most of the guns and ammunition moving into the criminal sector of Mexico has little or nothing to do with private American gun dealers.   Illegal dealings in firearms in the United States is already dealt with and prosecuted under a mix of local, State, and central government laws that now number in the scores of thousands.   The most compliant with these laws are the non-criminal element.   The least compliant is the criminal element and the United States central government itself.
     The United States government remains committed to surreptitiously usurping firearm rights and to the total disarming of the American population.   That is the objective of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives arm of an increasingly totalitarian, marxist government, as presently composed in Washington, D.C.
      The fact is that most of the guns come from outside Mexico, usually from communist countries, or countries whose governments are intentionally involved in black market arming of drug cartels, Islamic terrorist groups, and "liberation movements" in various parts of the world.
      The central Mexico City zone of "El Tepito" and the anchor outlet of the Buenavista Market is the crowning glory of Mexico's organised crime.   As the saying goes, "if you can't find it in El Tepito, it was never made".   It is a 16 square block area in the very middle of Mexico City that is almost completely dedicated to the receiving and processing for sale of stolen goods.  Pilfering, burglary, prostitution, and all forms imaginable of illegal activity are centered there, just north and adjacent to the very centermost point of Mexico City.
     The area described in Caracas, entire parts of the city are something considerably different.   Assemblies of heavily armed, somewhat uniformed gangs make much of the slumland of Caracas a veritable 666 wonderland.    It is completely operated by hideously violent gangs who are hypnotically tranced out monks in the Satanic religion of Hugo Chavez's Communism.    If the OROG will study the above included picture, he or she will see religious art works modified to show the Jesus with a crown of thorns for some reason, and holding an AK47 rifle.   The other picture shows the the infant Jesus standing and holding a similar automatic weapon.    These gangs, as reported, zone off entire "colonias" of the city and practise "immigration control" by allowing or prohibiting entry or exit by the general population.
          The members of the various gangs, possibly as many as 250 in the city with organised structure and administration procedures,  essentially determine who comes and who goes, who lives and who dies.   They publicly execute people, force family members to eat body parts of executed individuals, and generally set the bar for their counterparts in Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, and other places in Latin America.    They are the inspiration for the MaraSalvatruchas 13.
         When people and the American press strut around, huffing and puffing about Mexico's "cartel violence" and how superior we are to Mexico because we do not "permit spillover violence" they are fools.   When the American government or even local governments talk about how they are "preventing spillover violence", they are simply trying to justify bigger budgets for a police force that will ultimately be used against the American people.   They can do nothing about the MS13  except arrest a few thousand and deport or detain them.   They call that victory.   Mexico does a bit better because they have militarised the issue.
        But the gangs in Central America and Venezuela and Brazil are so depraved, violent, unpredictable, and drugged-up or drunk almost all the time that the world would be stunned if it were to know of their actions.   It would make Hitler look like an old Roman Catholic nun.    At least we can be comforted that there are only three or four million of them.    But they breed quickly, chiefly by bastardy.  Perhaps it is well that they kill so many of their own babies during their glue sniffing, everclear drinking, marijuana smoking, cocaine snorting, and methamphetamine escapades.    Perhaps it is well that they kill so many of each other during fights over a few feet of "territory".     In the new "socialist workers' paradise" that Hugo Chavez birthed upon the South American Continent, one can estimate that almost one million all but anonymous deaths...murders....killings have occurred among these people during Chavez's rule.
       While all of the gangs are indescribably violent, the ones that become the survivors are the ones that develop interior discipline and a "political philosophy" of a combination of "liberation theology'', some form of socialism, and a willingness to practise militant anarchy and/or nihilism.   The survivor gangs, clans, tribes...whatever...are also, ironically, the one who kill and terrorise and commit atrocities that are truly unthinkable.
       The gangs all support Chavez even as they fight among themselves for even a couple of yards of slum turf.  They also handle sales in bulk from the Venezuelan military of weaponry that is gathered from around the world.  The sales include criminal elements in Mexico.   Deliveries of these sales of Cuban, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Eastern European, Red Chinese, and North Korean arms are delivered onto the Mexican east coast and west coast via everything from tramp steamers, to cruise liners, to jerry-built submarines, and  "tuna fishing boat".

(drawn from Drudge Report) 
     It is commonly understood by the opposition in Venezuela that they will have to physically fight these ghastly, ghoulish gangs as well as secret government army squads during any election process that might still be allowed by Chavez or those like-minded totalitarian thugs who survive him.   He is returning to Cuba very quickly after having come back home.   His time may be limited. 

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