Sunday, 29 April 2012

A gentle suggestion....

It may be at times difficult to keep up with the eclectic, pin-ball machine activity of El Gringo Viejo's neurons and synapses.   It is recommended to scroll down and even dabble a bit in the "older" offerrings.    We do wish to assure that when we write about specific issues of war and peace in Mexico,with reference to the cartels, we are dealing with information derived from first or second hand, on the scene information.
      We derive information from official sources within government, military and/or police entities,  from the military privately at times, from press reports and from reporters speaking privately and off the record, and from other private citizens speaking privately and off the record.
       We have found that in all cases our information and interpretation has always been at least accurate in the transfer of information.   We also accurately assert that our information and interpretation of events is almost always better than what is being transmitted by the foreign press, especially the American mainstream media, and unfortunately, FOX News as well.
       Talk radio and overnight radio information is dismal, obnoxious, half-truthed, and even deliberately misleading, 90% of the time.   The OROG can imagine that something is dreadfully wrong with the United States if people are leaving to go back to Mexico....not because of deportation....but as El Gringo Viejo predicted four years ago, because Mexico would be entering into a labour-shortage situation and the United States would be entering into a prolonged period of somnambulatory economic activity.   Those things have come to pass.    Mexico stumbles away from socialism, along with Canada, and the United States falls into the same morass the Canutes and the Mexicans are leaving in the dust bin.   Hope and Change.

      We call attention to the fact that the return to normalcy in Mexico has become increasingly evident.    Much remains to be done, and the job will never be done in is born imperfect.    But while Mexico returns to something that might appear to be closer to normal, the social situation in Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina deteriorates by the hour.    Tomorrow a mainstream media report that exposes Hugo Chavez's and the Castro brother's involvement in weapons trafficking that makes minor leaguers like Obama and Eric Holder look like the the buffoons they are.

More later
Thanks for your time and interest as usual.

El Gringo Viejo