Friday, 25 May 2012

Vote Tomorrow or Vote Tuesday


    El Gringo Viejo and the Boss have already voted.   Like the old man said one time, at this age we are reluctant to buy green bananas.   For those who have not voted, there are still candidates listed for the Republican Nomination to the Presidency.   My preference was for Mr. Herman Cain.  I shall vigourously support Mr. Romney in the coming General Elections.   My preference for the filling of the seat presently held by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson is for Mr. Ted Cruz.  I shall support him in any run-off.   It is a despicable thing that the campaign and supporters of Mr. Dewhurst have done in their attempt to defame a good man through the use of manipulated phraseology and oblique obfuscating misinformation.   What a horrid way to end a political career, Mr. Dewhurst.
    Thanks to all for your attention.