Monday, 28 May 2012


Warrior 9-11 American Flag And Bald Eagle


You are gracious in your appreciative editorial regarding yours truly and my predecessor(s) in life Sir.  And honor upon yours as well.

       Regarding “Americans, who did what they understood was correct…”, you state what is probably true for an undetermined number of individuals and is most politically correct.
       However I, for one, believe what our precious country entered into circa 1955 was honorable and the right thing to do unconditionally.  The mistake was the same one that was and still is our leftist “elite” i.e. Federal government and puppet media… Anything at any cost to undermine the Constitution for “fairness”.  (It actually is no mistake but we are supposed to believe it is/was so.)

      The same people (South Vietnamese) who were our friends and surreptitiously became our enemies are thriving in our society after having to escape our governments sleazy desertion of our friends and especially our armed forces in Saigon in April of 1975.  They and our soldiers were the honorable ones, not Robert McNamara et. al.

      I am proud of what we did and am ashamed (“for the first time in my adult life”) of the few cockroaches who did not have the fortitude to finish what they started out of selfishness and an ideology that could very well bury us and our Constitution.

I know how you really feel.

Happy Memorial Day.


     El Gringo Viejo absolutely endorses the notion....the fact....that the Americans and the allied forces backing the Americans, ie Aussie, ROK, ARVN, Montagnard, Lao, Filipino and others finally won the Viet Nam War convincingly.    The NVA grovelling at the "peace table" at the end was proof enough of that.   It was when it became clear that the anti-American, anti-freedom forces prevailed in the United States Congress in blocking efforts to re-arm the finally-fighting-well ARVN forces, that all was lost.   It was the most blatant sell-out by "progressives" to their communist, totalitarian brethren ever.   At least the sell-out to the Red Chinese allowed the free Chinese a chance to swim to Formosa, and to keep a few clumps of sand like Quemoy and Matsu.
     Compare to-day....South Korea, fist-fights in the Parliament, Hyundais and Kias, prosperity and Budhists and bustle and Christians and beauty, pageantry, and food..... while in North Korea, it is essentially an insane asylum, with accompanying starvation.  Taiwan, producing the equivalent of 20% of the GNP of Red China with 2% if the population,  oh! and fist fights in the parliament, food, and no forced abortions, and so forth.   Red China is a stage for the presentation of "Psychotic Wonderland with Alice", full of Mad Hatters and totalitarian thugs and 80% of its population mired in the gulag of abject poverty.
     Never is mine to understand why leftists prefer the drab greyness of poverty and decaying buildings and single party "government",  to the happy disorder, joy, and madness of liberty.

     Some may also have been reasonably mistaken in thinking that El Gringo Viejo meant by "Americans who did what they thought was correct...." had anything to do with the cowards and slugs who essentially deserted and went to Canada or elsewhere. My wording was poor was at best.  Those who fled to Canada were not Conscientious Objectors.   
        No.  The "Canadian Tourists" were cowards and/or collaborators with their communist buddies who were slitting the throats of 5 year old Vietnamese peasant girls.   And, collaborators with their buddies in the American and European press.   All American errors and military crimes were exposed and drubbed into the American Psyche.   None of the thousands of intentional war crimes of the NVA or the VC were ever discussed or even revealed...with very, very few exceptions.
      Those who have not served might be surprise to note that real Conscientious Objectors serve in uniform and frequently in close combat support or even really close to combat.   The Canadian Toursts would never have had the guts or the character to be true COs.  They were just cowards, consumers, spoiled, and generally narcissistic bums.
     To El Gringo Viejo, the phrase "Americans who did what they thought was correct"...has strictly and only reference to those who served in a military and/or civilian capacity the Confederate States of America.

Celebrate and Remember!
El Gringo Viejo