Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tennessee Stud? Studies in the Victories of Marxism

This is what the marxist witches' brew becomes after it stews long enough.   This is not a warning of things to come....this is an image of now,  of reality, the "new normalcy", of "wat iz", and why public assistance....any government sponsored "safety net"....must be abolished.

desmond hatchett TrigintaDad:Tennessee Man Who Has 30 Children Wants A Break On Child Support

     TrigintaDad:  Tennessee Man Who Has 30 Children Wants A Break On Child Support. That’s right, Baby Boomers, you read that right. Desmond Hatchett, of Knoxville, Tennessee, is only 33 years old, but already has 30 children with 11 different women.  Tennessee takes half of TrigintaDad’s paycheck and divides it up between the mothers. Hatchett makes minimum wage, so some of the moms receive as little as $1.49 a month to support their child (sic). Hatchett’s oldest child is 14 years old.

      This sounds like news, but when liberals and socialists are involved in "giving opportunity" and "levelling the playing field" and "making up for past injustices",  the field is planted with a wondrous seed.   All leftists hate Negroes.   That is why they try to rename them, class them, lump them, and generally do whatever they can to put obstacles into their lives.   This is based upon the socialists' certain knowledge that Negroes and Mexicans are stupid and  can only survive if they are spoon fed their "help" by an enlightened "progressive".    Once the socialists have them all lumped into the same general group... branded as "African-American", "Hispanic", "Gay", "Native American", "otherwise capacitated", "intellectually impaired",  and other ridiculous catch-all, meaningless terms,  all these groups will be taken to their gulags, gassed, and turned into fertiliser for the communal farms.  Just enough of "them" will be kept around to bring Hillary her caviar and 200 year old brandy for breakfast.   Once a group is sufficiently lobotomised and trained there will be no shortage and people to mow the lawns in Hyannis Port and at Martha's Vineyard.
       Desmond Hatchett is not a rarity.   He is the 'hood-ornament for the Great Society.   He is not, I repeat, a rarity.   Thugs like Hatchett roam the 'hood, bragging about their virility.   They put out the word to potential "baby mothers" that they will facilitate the development of another income stream for an interested "baby mother".   Thugs like Hatchett then make it known what the cost will be,  usually between 10% and 30% of the income derived from AFDC and other cash sources, including access to food stamp cards or checks.   As might be suspected the deals are frequently broken.
       How are these "deals" broken?  If the woman does not agree to a change in the "deal", her babies can be taken out and sold, brutalised, or murdered.  A deal is a deal....especially when a guy like Desmond Hatchett is involved, and more especially when he wants to change the "deal".   He has a rap-sheet 12 pages long.  Much of it is involved with violence.
       Some reporter moans about the "poor women".   No one is allowed so say what El Gringo Viejo is going to say...because it is the truth.   These women have babies so that they can access the "free money gravy train" that bastardy produces.   The are one hundred times lower than a woman who used to be called  three or four terms commonly applied to their deportment in the not too recent past.   They only care about their money for beer, marihuana, cocaine,  and weaves, tatoos, and nails.   The babies are a necessary something to work around.
        So we do have a "marriage" of sorts.   It is, however, not Sacramental.   It is anti-sacramental.   It is not something that the Lord God Yahweh has put together.   It is truly a marriage that Lucifer, the Patron Saint of Barry Soeto and all marxists, has rent asunder at the very moment of  its beginning.  It is an insult against decency and the natural law.

        Jews have a wedding, lots of men dancing together in a circle, a lot of broken goblets, some preacher saying things that only a bunch of old people can understand...everybody is happy, the couple goes a life....grumpy and glad...children...grandchildren...good times and not so good times.   The Greeks, the Irish, the other types of Gentiles have their celebrations, the Japanese ask the ancestors to attend from their lofty place...and their Shinto (or similar) preacher makes some interesting noises and says some profound things....and off go the Japanese to make more beauties with flattish faces and puffy cheeks and boys who are considered mentally slow when they only have an IQ of 130....
        But all the Hatchetts, and all the Baby Mothers, are brought to us from Hell, by the progressives, the socialists, the social engineers, the "community organisers";  those who know so much better than the rest of us.   The Hatchetts' and the Baby Mothers' spawn have brought us to a point that Americans could not and cannot even now truly fathom.   They think that this phenomena is an oddity.   But it is not.   It is the thing that has caused the American murder situation to be much worse than what exists in Mexico, even with the Cartel lunacy,  (both of the situations having been produced by socialism).   

        It seems incomprehensible.   But it is true.  It is a reality that was purposefully foisted upon this country by Bolsheviks, Trotskyites, progressives, National Socialists, nihilists, and anarchists.  They carefully and skillfully, and in cold blood, decided long ago to try to destroy the "inferior races" and America simultaneously so as to prohibit the existence of any country on Earth that would not confess that  Yahweh is not only dead, but also never existed.
        One need only observe the countries who follow the rule of Man, and seduce their citizens with promises of free food, free medical service, free housing, and other free thisandthat.   They are all hell-holes, moderated only to whatever extent that private enterprise is permitted to some small extent among the hoi polloi.   You all will remember when the press heralded the rise of Brazil and Argentina as ascendant States and a refutation of the need for private initiative and self-reliance.   Their adrenalin-fix economic measures no sane person's surprise, resulted in disaster....again.   They have now joined Venezuela on the steady trek to the septic sludge pit.

     Liberals are people who still have souls, for a bit longer.   They are communists without realising such.   They actually think that something can be done by a government that can "help" people who are disposed to not help themselves.   They learn, if they have even the most common intelligence,  that their ideological orientation brings them finally to the end of a road.   They can choose between national socialism or Bolshevik socialism.   It is like wandering through a large and fancy grocery store...watching everything shrivel, rot, and disappear even as one passes by the displays...until finally arriving at the last choice.   That choice  is between a pile of weevil and grub infested white corn or a pile of grub  and weevil infested yellow corn.   The friendly attendant snarls and curses you, demanding that you hurry up...there's a long line....and we're going to close in 3 minutes.    Behind this scene, there is a crew on scaffolding putting up the new heroic pose pictures of Mao, Adolf, Uncle Joe, Ho, Pot, Che, Hugo, Fidel, and Obama, with exhortations to continue to Advance the Revolution.   FORWARD!
File:Chappaquiddick bridge.jpg
Where great American Progressives and people who are better
 and smarter than us commoners can go to practice up on Secretary
 Murdering, Oldsmobile Floating, and impossible long-distance
 Tidal Swimming against an 8 mile per hour current.  It takes skill.

     Best estimates would be that Hatchett, although he is in prison, is making about 5,000 USD per month off his "baby mothers'" welfare harvest.   Members of his posse will make the collections.   When Hatchett leaves prison, he will kill some member of his posse, or be killed by some member of his posse, probably over some domain and possession issue pertaining to the money and/or the ownership of the "baby mothers".     Social progress, as defined by progressives.   Like Madeline Murray O'Hare always said, " Thank God there is no god."
     The first, immediate solution for all the Baby Daddies and all the Baby Mommas is a quick trip to the ACORN Spaying and Neutering Clinic.   Whack, whack...snip, snip. 

As always, our sincere thanks for your comments and questions, time and interest.   This weekend, this Old Confederate will put out his Yankee flag and page homage where it is due. Pray for the Rest of the Heroes in their Peace, and pray for the Republic.
El Gringo Viejo