Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Fly will fly and the Flea will flee...

     We are starting to make ready to begin to plan....(learned that working in government programs).....and the time has come to go.    It will probably be in about five or six days.   Alvaro was distressed because the 20 year old licuadora (blender) finally decided to go on to the Ghost Hunters International show.  Very propitious, because as El Gringo Viejo arrived from Central Texas and a few chores that pleasantly befell us to confront, he noticed that there was an apartment being cleaned out by a familty.
      There was a bit of heavy lifting that was needed by the family, and of course since my wife was not available, it fell to me to help.    We moved out the four heaviest pieces, at which time the lady in charge of the moving said "You take anything here that you want!"   So, I noticed a blender that was wrapped in a clear plastic bag.   "Perhaps you all would allow me to buy that licuadora?" I suggested.
       "That old thing.   It never was used.   Who knows where it came from.  I don't even know if it works.   We were going to throw it in the Dumpster." came the happily received verdict.  Since it was new, however, my concience forced me to give them a 5 dollar bill for it.
       Now, upon arrival, Alvaro will have a brand new, (appropriately Made in Mexico, by Proctor Silex) licuadora, and we can be assured of being able to make our famous "licuados", also known as tropical "smoothies" among the Gringos!   It helps with Margaritas, Mexican sauces, frijoles refritos, and other goodies.   The return of a steadier presence of clients and day visitors to our free-range, 100 square mile, free range bird cage.

       El Zorro has communicated from his secret cave located at 111 Elm Street, Somewhere in Northern Texas, BR549.    His father served in the Pacific Theatre and in Korea, as a Marine.   El Zorro served in Viet Nam.   Both of these men did much time hanging around in stifling conditions, working in close combat support, and in many episodes of very close combat.   They and theirs (his father crossed the River not so very long ago), I and mine, are concerned that reasonable reverence be given those who gave that last full measure in defense of our Flag and our Republic.    My thoughts turn even to those honourable Confederates, also Americans, who did what they understood was correct during a time issues were measured differently.    Also my grandfather's two brothers, Union heroes from the Pennsylvania 96th Regiment of Volunteer Infantry  (one was actually a 1st cousin that not even my grandfather was ever aware was not a brother, although he was a very close relative who lived with the family from infancy) who were killed during the War Between the 1863....during hostilities related to the before and after of the affair at Gettysburg.

Please review this salute from the pens and pencils of those
inimitable sages of the American sociopolitical scene, the
 political cartoonist.  Instead of weeping, let us smile a bit,
if only in sad recognition of the large number of everyday
and exceptional heroes who have graced this Nation.

Sent in relays from El Zorro's Posse to our Posse
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We have a lot of stuff to unload.   Observations, opinions, and other bloviating will follow.
El Gringo Viejo