Monday, 7 May 2012

Odds and Ends

The following is an assembly of little points and fact that El Gringo Viejo thinks about, and says, "I need to write that down and put it on the blog."   He then pulls into into the parking space, puts on the burglar bar, clicks the zombo-lock button, and forgets what it was that he needed to put on the blog.

(1)    Mexico, Canada, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and Taiwan  have a combined population of about 340,000,000 people. The GNP of the five countries is a combined 12,450,000,000,000 (twelve trillion, four hundred and fifty trillion American dollars).
         We are taught to at best disregard these countries or dispise them by the mainstream press and in the case of Mexico, even FOX News.   Only Red China matters to the New Improved Democratic United States of America.    I mean, man....look at the market potential.    There are 1,300,000,000 people in the population!   And just think, when they execute somebody for being un-re-educable, the family of the condemned person has to pay for the pistol bullet to rid society of such a reprobate.   Now that's my kind of tight fiscal policy!
         The 1,300,000,000 (increasingly male) population produces a GNP of  8,000,000,000,000 (eight trillion American dollars).
      The per capita "punch" of the smaller group is 38,000/person .   The per capita "punch" of the Great Red Dragon is about 6,000/person.

(2)    Mexico has suffered over 50,000 people killed during 5.5 years of warfare between drug trafficking cartels, related gang turf fights, and direct confrontation between the military and police, against the forces of disorder.
        During that same time, in the United States 150,000 have been killed in warfare between drug and human trafficking gangs, related gang turf fights, and interaction against police agencies by such groups.   The number of 150,000 does not include the "regular" non-drug traffic/use murders.   "Stop snoring!" "No!" Bang  Bang!
       Greta says it is safe in the United States but dangerous in Mexico.  Jim Cramer vacations at his home in Mexico and comes back to anchor his programs on CNBC.   Allison Camerotta vacations in Mexico, resting up from her ardour as anchorette on Fox and Friends Weekend and other stints on the network.
       The per capita kill-rate in the United States is greater than in Mexico.   The press...even still mired in issues like Hispanic, or white Hispanic, or "the Hispanic Vote'', or Illegals or Immigration Issues, playing neatly into the marxist inspired tactic of clouding an issue with undefinable terms and assuming that there is a problem that can only be solved with money and by the government.

Aldous Huxley would be proud
(3)    Anyone who says, "We need to make O'bamaham understand that....."  should be taken to the nearest facility for the mentally retarded.   Father O'bamaham has done everything that his past, present, and promises for the future have laid out plainly.   His objective is to break the economic back of the United States of America.   His methods include the stratification of groups of importance and groups of no importance.   The productive are of no importance, because they cause a nation to prosper and advance.   In order to destroy the nation the productive must be harrassed, threatened, taxed, and if necessary bullied and killed.
   In order to destroy the nation, the consumers must be fed, housed, medically attended and generally totally supported by the productive.   The non-productive consumers are very important because they are the tools and the cannon fodder for the final pustch.   Obama definitely knows what he is doing.

Thank you all, as usual, for your time and attention
El Gringo Viejo