Monday, 7 May 2012

Saint HRH Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham, added to Mr. Rushmore


First Photo-portrait for the preliminary design
 work on the addition to Mount Rushmore

      This will be the only personage to have a marble plaque, 500 yards by 500 yards square, placed in front of the monument at Mount Rushmore, that is electronically adapted to show repeated episodes of those moments when Saint HRH Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham was carried into the Cosmos via the Whirlwind Angel Soyuz.    It will depict those heroic moments such as when HRH Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham found 1000 American dollars in a wine jar, and at her mother's request turned the 1000 American dollars into 100,000 American dollars.
      See how, later in life, she walked over a river of White Water without ever getting her feet wet, while scores of others were murdered and/or thrown into prisons operated by the fascist counter-revolutionaries.    Watch in amazement as she awakens, as did her relative Snow White, from a long slumber, remembering nothing of her past travails as she walked over that dangerous water.
      See how she strove to give all Americans free socialized medicine, but like her relative Jean d'Arc, she was thwarted by fascist counter-revolutionaries who only wanted people to die.  Unlike Jean, HRH Sir Edmund Hillary survived being burned at the stake and ascended into Heaven to return later.
     Watch in amazement as she managed to raise money from a Jewish group for her campaigns of liberation of those oppressed by fascist revolutionaries.   ThoseJewish groups  had previously only given money to fascist counter-revolutionaries before, so as a small reward she obtained a Presidential Pardon for one of their members.
     See those wondrous moments when she ordered and received over 1,300 confidential, raw-data personnel files about private persons from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and ransacked them, looking for information that might protect the poor from repression by the fascist counter-revolutionaries.  Unlike Charles Colson who did 3 years of hard prison time for having one, unopenned  such FBI file in his desk in the Nixon White House, Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham escaped any abuse by the forces of the fascist counter-revolutionaries they had replaced.
      Other miracles will be shown on the 500 X 500 square yard obelisk which will be visible for over 200,000 square miles on Earth, as well as broadcast to the Universe via the SETI space penetration radio wave project.   Miracles such as witnessing HRH St. Sir Edmund Hillary's "good friend", Vince Foster putting a gun in his mouth and blowing his brains out, then taking a shower, putting on a nice fresh white shirt, and fresh suit, and apparently walking to Fort Marcy Park and lying down with his back on a tree trunk, with his hands crossed over his chest, still holding a pistol that was not his.
      This miracle has an assistant miracle which shows Maggie and Bernie ransacking Vince Foster's White House office...a few doors down from Billy Jeff Blythe's oval office of other famous miracles....taking out every trace of paper or file, box load by box load, that could remotely divulge exactly how various and sundry of The Many Miracles had been performed over the years.   Oddly, the only thing really left behind was a brief-case with a suicide note Vince Foster had written in the printed hand of another person  (another of the wondrous miracles) and torn into over a score of roughly square pieces.    The briefcase had apparently been overlooked several times during repeated passes by police authority, although it been right there, miraculously, on Vince Foster's desk, in plain view, for four or five days, hiding in plain sight.

      Pope Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Real Live Meaningful Roman Catholic Church and Abortatoreum Service, LLC  ruled that the only explanation of the following observations that were entered into the Congressional Record and sworn as evidence by forensic investigators in various forums, official as well as informal, WAS DIVINE INTERVENTION!!  Can we even imagine how fortunate we are to have been graced by this woman.   Read these comforting words, derived from the Congressional Record, so as to further your peace and contemplations:

         "Anyhow, they said that the fingerprints on the telephone records can remain intact on paper and other materials for years, so her fingerprints on the billing records do not necessarily mean that she saw the records recently. Now, this is very interesting, Mr. Speaker, because when Vincent Foster died, you remember Vincent Foster , the assistant counsel to the President at the White House, when Vincent Foster died, a suicide note was found in his briefcase. At least that is what they called it. Despite the fact that it had been torn into 28 pieces, you have to tear it to get 28 pieces 14 of 15 times, there was not one single fingerprint on any one of those pieces.
        "Investigators and various Clinton administration officials said at the time that it was not unusual, because fingerprints do not attach themselves easily to paper. Now, here we have the President's wife, the First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, her fingerprints are all over these telephone records that nobody could find for 2 years and were found in their residence, while they were under subpoena, incidentally, and they are saying that it is not unusual for the fingerprints to be attached to paper, and that she probably attached them to those documents in 1992 during the Presidential campaign. Now, you cannot have it both ways. Either it can be attached to paper, you can get fingerprints on paper, or you cannot. Her fingerprints were on the documents, but the fingerprints were not on Vince Foster 's alleged suicide note.
        "Adding to the mystery, the first two times that the White House counsel at the time, Bernie Nussbaum, search Vincent Foster 's briefcase, he did not find any torn up note. The note was found 6 days later when another White House aide searched the briefcase for a third time. Now, Mr. Speaker, it has to be one way or the other. If fingerprints attach themselves easily to paper and stay there for years, there is no explanation for why Vincent Foster 's note had no fingerprints on them, especially since it had been torn into 28 pieces. And if fingerprints do not attach themselves easily to paper and if they wear off quickly, then Mrs. Clinton must have handled the billing records more recently than her aides are saying, which was 4 years ago, in 1992"

      There is barely space enough to name, much less describe the wondrous wonders of this wonderful woman.    The use of the FBI to frame and then fire the permanent, non-partisan White House travel office workers so as to hire her own cousins and cronies was certainly an act of self-sacrificing charity.    Reactionary forces managed to have the scoundrels vindicated, in a process that caused a lot of other people to have to resign in disgrace.   Good ole' Craig Livingstone, the Chief of Security for the White House, had trained briefly as a saloon bouncer and was determined to be competent, therefore, to protect the Holy Innocents inside the White House in those days.   He was one of the casualties of the Reactionary scoundrels.     

     Her collaboration in the assault upon a compound of religious kooks in Mount Carmel, McClennan County, Texas that left almost 80 men, women, and children dead and immolated....all in the justifiable effort to disarm the American civilian population...was truly a moment of high self-sacrifice.   She and her soul mate, Janet (affectionately known as Miss Sasquatch) Reno collaborated on that one, and Billy Jeff refused any responsibility.
     Also commemorated on the Great Marble Tablet:   The Miracle of the Immaculate Corkscrewing into Sarajevo or Kosovo (or one of those funny little places with funny names), and The Miracle of the Holy Camel Ride of the Severe Backache suffered One Week Before the Trip After Billy Jeff Blythe Had Confessed That He Really Did Do Something With a Chubby Jewess After All.
     And of course the Miracle of the Manhattan hunt for her daughter Chelsea, on the morning of the assault on the twin towers.   This is the Chelsea, Executive Worker of the Hedge Funds and tobacco smoker....(gasp).   Her Highness did all this, in spite of the fact that her daughter said that it was impossible because she was "spending time" overnight at her boyfriend's apartment and was nowhere near the Twin Towers.   Now, that's what everyone must admit is a real miracle. 
     It is amazing, truly, how much will have to be put on so little space....500 X  500  square yards of marble....Thank the Good Lord that this is a shovel-ready project!   How could America have been so fortunate as to have had a woman such as this who was willing to control absolutely every aspect of our miserable, stupid, insignifant little lives....with our petty little cookie baking and crummy little under-financed unimportant little businesses?   We have all been  truly blessed by this woman's care and protection.
Secret photos taken of Saint HRH Sir
Edmund Hillary Rodham, dodging sniper
 fire in a saloon famous for entertaining
women, especially women who like  Fidel
and other enlightened leaders. Hard to
find in Colombia, but remember, this girl
does miracles while she rides camels in the
dark, painting her fingernails.
Miserable, Mendacious, Murderous, Marxist Hag