Monday, 7 May 2012

So that OROGs will know, the final analysis
 of last night's debate in MexicoCity shows
 that it  was our girl Josefina, the
 Conservative who won!
The cap says
 "The Chief"

This was her facebook posting.  Below the OROG will find the El Gringo Viejo's translation and notes.

Estimados Amigos:
       El día de ayer, los cuatro candidatos a la Presidencia de la República pudimos contrastar nuestras ideas debatiendo frente a los mexicanos. 
       Todos los sondeos que se han realizado nos dan la victoria. Por ejemplo, el sondeo realizado por el Periódico Reforma los ciudadanos nos otorgan la máxima calificación entre los candidatos. En el sondeo realizado por Contenido también la mayoría (36%) considera que ganamos el debate, y en la encuesta de Televisa el 44%, nos da la ventaja. Clic en la siguiente liga:
       Se ha abierto una gran oportunidad para nuestra campaña. Los mexicanos están percatándose que tenemos la mejor propuesta, y que tengo una trayectoria pública de la cual me siento orgullosa. Te puedo mirar a los ojos y hablarte de frente.   Te comparto este video que resume lo que fue el debate de ayer. Por favor reenvíalo a tus amigos y familiares. Ayúdame a que todo el mundo se entere de lo que sucedió el día de ayer.
¡Vamos juntos hasta la victoria!
 Josefina Vázquez Mota

Dear Friends:
     The day of yesterday, the four candidates for the Presidency of the Republic could contrast our ideas debating in front of the Mexicans.
       All of the soundings that have been realised, give us the victory.   For example, the  sounding realised by the Periodico Reforma (centre left newspaper) showed that the citizenry gave us the maximum (highest) score among the candidates.   The survey done by the magazine Contenido also the majority (sic- plurality) (36%) considered that we had won, and in the survey by Televisa, 44% gave us the advantage (truly astounding...especially that they admitted it).  Please clic onto the following linkage:  (see above's worth the effort)

     There has been an openning to a great opportunity for our campaign.   The Mexican people are perceiving that we have the best proposals (platform), and that I have a public trajectory of which I feel proud.  I can look you in the eye, and I can speak to you face to face.  This video which I share gives a resume' of that which was the debate of yesterday.   Please! Resend it to your friends and family members.   Help me make sure that the whole world knows what happened the day of yesterday.

El Gringo Viejo adds these observations, after digging around for coverage of the polls.   Josefina's tallies are correct, and later data suggests that she scored very well against both of the other candidates with any chance of figuring in the outcome.   Some polls showed her picking up in the mid-50's among working class women, a disaster for the PRI and PRD.   The Green Party will not cross over the 2% level, in all probability.
    The debate last night was badly arranged and had all of the clunky, heavy-handed intervention of television network owners and executives who wanted to control things and make the candidates in opposition to the PRI's Pen~a Nieto look like dumboes.   They even paraded out a slutty, nearly un-clad, public woman to pass out material to the candidates, thereby trying to make a mockery of the proceedings.    When it became apparent that people were actually tuning in, two of the networks began to experience technical problems, some say that they were advising their downstream stations to cut out and go to " the soccer game".  Much of the country wound of listening to the debate on the radio, for lack of television coverage.    It was later determined that the Networks people on the scene saw that Josefina had her "game face" on and that Ernesto Pen~a Nieto seemed to be disoriented and confused, making silly jokes and giggling a lot.   The pro-communist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) pretty much spent his night declaring that he is not Fidel, and that he learned his lesson from his last campaign's over-exuberant excesses.  Biggest winner?  Josefina.   Biggest losers,  TV-AZTECA and TeleVisa Networks.   Even the dirty old men were offended by the trollip's modified bump and grind appearance, and the bomb-out, once it looked like Pen~a Nieto was going to have one of his "Joe Biden Moment Nights" was a signal reminder that he and Obama were twin straw men.  No teleprompter, no candidate.

Former Playboy model and presidential debate assistant Julia Orayen (white) hands out cards to the four candidates during a televised debate at the Federal Electoral Institute in this handout still image taken from video, in Mexico City, May 7, 2012. REUTERS/Instituto Federal Electoral/Handout/ via Reuters TV
Former Playboy model and presidential debate
 assistant Julia Orayen (white) hands out cards
 to the four candidates during a televised debate
 at the Federal Electoral Institute in this handout
 still image taken from video, in Mexico City,
6, 2012.
Encouraging on the Southern Front.   Let's see how the opinion polls shake out over the next four weeks.   Our girl did well.   It really is astounding that the Televisa poll showed Josefina with 44%.  Televisa is a solidly PRI  (like the American Democrat Party, full of millionaires and billionaires who like crony capitalism) Carlos Slim type operation. 
El Gringo Viejo