Monday, 5 March 2012

You all will never believe it....

     You all will never believe it.   El Gringo Viejo clicked into the Democrat Senate Campaign Committee's call for condemnation of Rush Limbaugh's ''mysogeny".  Of the respondents who had arrived....very few really....something like 1,400 since the call went out, over half were not in approval of condemning Rush.
     The funnier part is that the screed has been totally taken over by Muslim Brotherhood types and Syrian Assadistas calling O'bamaham names and invoking prayers to Allah that it would be His will to destroy the meddling Americans, especially O'bamaham.   We know that way down deep inside the Muslim Brotherhood is terribly concerned about the psychological damage and hurt that poor little Saint Fluke has suffered at the hands of The Misogynist.
      If only William Jefferson Blythe ("You'd better put some ice on that lip.") were here to show Rush how women really want to be treated.    His example was really something.   Really.

      It is a wondrous thing to be allowed to see the perfect hypocrisy of marxists.  Praise be.

El Gringo Viejo