Monday, 5 March 2012

And He Did Not Receive a Call From the President of the United States

    El Gringo Viejo recommends this link very strongly if one would like to see what a homeless, five year old boy, selling candies and soft drinks on the streets of Seoul, South Korea can do if he just plogs away and believes in himself enough.   This shows an oriental form of the Susan Boyles  "Got Talent" show, and is well conducted, equally surprizing in the results.
     One also is brought immediately to the question at hand, that if this boy can suddenly walk out in front of 1,000 people in studio, and know that 2,000,000 fellow Koreans are watching him on live television and do this well, then certainly a 30 year old woman with all the privileges in the world must certainly be able to figure out how to buy her own medicines.   Perhaps she would even want this boy to pay his fair share for her pill? 
     As he is being questioned, he informs the panel that he has never had any lessons, although he did try to listen to people at a music school, from outside the windows.  Of course all the women in the audience are crying, and the female judges are sobbing and blubbering...and all for good reason, I imagine.   And yes, El Gringo Viejo is crass enough to draw comparison between two seemingly unrelated events.   And the comparison should be drawn.   Some people have class, others are socialist parasites.

     This young man did gain a little training before his arrival to the contest.   He gained a little more as he advanced into the finals of the competition.   Then he....    No, El Gringo Viejo will let you all find out whether he won the whole thing or not.    A further bit of disclaimer, he did receive a public housing accommodation finally, through the intercession of his first voice coach.   But, remember that in South Korea, much of the housing was "nationalised" after the Korean War, in an effort to rebuild the huge amount of damage that the War had visited upon the people and their houses and properties.   Many people wind up buying their aparments and privatising them legally.   So, it's not like Section 8 or "the projects".

Okay, so you'll know.   Here is the final so that you don't have to look it up.   I know you're busy.
El Gringo Viejo