Monday, 5 March 2012

For Those Who Fret, a Source of Comfort

     Many OROGs become depressed at the slightest notion that Father O'bamaham could possibly be re-elected.    We know there are several who hope for a positive outcome for the President, but most who invest their time here come to find out things about Mexico or have some comfort blogfood.
     Take faith, and be of good cheer.  Many of us do not take the trouble to go to Rasmussen's comparison of "The President makes me feel a little nauseated all the way to  'the President makes me puke'" a opposed to "The President is doing alright all the way to 'I simply love the President and wish I had married him'".   This used to be called an "intensity index", that measure only the most dedicated, heartfelt, intense feelings of the respondents to the pollster's questions.   It often can predict probable turnout preponderance, as in whether the Republicans or the Democrats will have an easier time turning out their vote.
     The above graph shows fairly clearly that on a scale of 0 -  5, Father O'bamaham has not been able to ignite the 4's and 5's enough to make it over the 30% mark since January of 2011.
No matter what the MSM says, that is stunning.   Critical, way-past-the-red-line B A D.   For O'bamaham.
      It means that the ooommph! to haul voters out to the polls, whose only motivation is the possibility of receiving more public assistance will be very difficult.   Once people are really trained into lethargy, they can lose even the instinct to is just too much trouble.   Besides, we can use the Lone Star Card at MacDonald's now, anyway.
     This is why there is such a frenzy about whipping up  the frenzy level of the Mrs. Che Guevara  Vegetarian Foundation for Women's Issues, and the Democrat National Socialist Party by means of  this "contraception plot".    They are trying to scare the ear wax out of those females who have deductive capacity of a dead rock by saying..."the Republicans are going to take away your contraceptives".    There are many who are so pitifully stupid, and so hopelessly incapable of even the most basic deductive reasoning that they will fall for the argument.    But....wait!   That's not bad news, because those women vote Democrat anyway, and they are likely not to vote, even with the fervor that is happening now.
     The MSM has been hiding the fall-off reflected above for several months, now.   Over a year.    It is even known by Republican strategists.   THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING NOW IS THAT EVEN WITH THE DUST UP ABOUT THE POOR GIRL WHO WANTS YOU TO PAY FOR HER BC PILLS, THE FALL CONTINUES.   Notice that the graph actually diverges, even after the dust up began, starting with the stupid questioning of Romney by Stephanopoulos and, a week ago, Fluke's Inquisition and Martyrdom.    If a person watches the merest amount of MSM he will be surprized at the above facts.   But facts they are.
     Be encouraged as well that the 43% who score 4 and 5 in terms of disapproval are ardently committed, in all probability to voting for almost anybody other than O'bamaham.    They want him to buy his VOLT next February, if they are still being made, not five years from now.  Take faith.   This poll, essentially indicates, if we remain motivated.... a possible landslide in favour of at least a more or less conservative.    If we can push the Congress a bit to the right at the same time, we are on the cusp of an Alleluia moment.

Keep the powder dry, cleave unto your religion, and thanks for your continued interest, support, and great submissions and questions.
El Gringo Viejo