Monday, 5 March 2012

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Co-ordinating Committee of ACORN veterans,
 meeting with White House staffers, MSMs, DNC,
 MTV, OCCUPIERS, SCIU, Public Employee Unions,
 UAW, and leading Global Warming/Cooling advocates.


     This piece of Americana (above) came to El Gringo Viejo by way of El Zorro, Protector de lo Bueno, Enemigo de lo Malo.   He is one of the few OROGs who volunteers for the dangerous missions. The carbon-black and baby oil face paint, the black fatigues, the M-2 carbine with the muzzle flash retarder, and all the accoutrements of counter-insurgency.    Well, sometimes he used a flintlock pistol, a foil, and a midnight-black Arabian as well.

    He is the Chum who is First Friend and who, like the Gringo Viejo, spends too much time worrying about national socialists, commies, and progressives. Too much time is relative, however, when one considers that the Democrats continue to try to tax, tax - spend, spend - elect, elect until the whole train goes over the cliff. They will be successful when the train hits the bottom of the 20,000,000,000,000 foot cliff and kills everybody and everything, equally and democratically, each just as dead as the other. Study the entire document, and one realises that the socialists never stop, never sleep, never stop their zombie stagger in their effort to turn the living into government dependent zombies like they themselves. Demoraculas, Demombies, Demowerewolves out to drag our grandchildren into darkness.
      Who will be the last to light his cigarette with a 50 trillion dollar federal reserve note? Who will have the 1000 trillion dollar federal reserve note to buy a cigarette?
Thank you for your time and interest.  More later
El Gringo Viejo
Can I interest you in registering
to vote?   It won't hurt a bite...
I mean a bit.  Do you have
a daughter?  A granddaughter,