Thursday, 22 March 2012

Yes We Much II

A man was in a barber shop one day, having a shave and a haircut.   During the time that was normally restful and invested in a bit of pleasant conversation and unwinding, the tranquility was broken by an especially loud-mouthed, obnoxious man.   He held forth on Negroes and damned them to hell this way and that.    He threw out to the attention of all who would listen every shiboleth, every trite observation, every un-kind and unsavory thing he could lay upon the Negro race.
     The other people in the shop were not great crusaders for the elevation of the black man to common status with the white man, but neither were they admirers of the Klan, an organisation, it was rumoured, in which the loud-mouth was a key member.
      He was known to have a lop-eared bay with four white socks, and that was the horse he used on his "rides".  In the entire county, and in all the adjacent counties, there was no other horse that could be so easily identified.   So it was understood that the loudmouth was not really the brightest candle in the chandelier.
     Finally, the customer who was seeking the repose of a good haircut and a shave, with a bit of pleasant conversation, finally barked at the offender,"Jerome, shut up!   I came in here for a bit o' calm.   I'm sick of listening to you braying like a jenny-ass in labour!   You know, you sure ought'n to thank the Good Lord that you were born white, because if you hadn't been, you would have been out of anything to do."

     Such is the case for the above pictured individual.   In the matter of the shooting of the boy in Florida, it was certain that only hours would go by before the combination of clumsy police process, and rabble rousing community organisers, and the nature and gravity of the case would bring the above pictured individual into the fray.   His only interest, of course, is in seeking and finding justice.   His most famous accomplishment to date is his brilliant intervention in the case of Tawana Brawley.   Another of his finer moments in the application of the Beatitudes and the Golden Rule is his admonition to crowds gathered in a Harlem commercial zone that Koreans did not belong there and that they should be burned out of their businesses.   Of course, he was integral in righting the wrongs that were committed against the poor woman who was beset upon by the Duke lacrosse players.   That might really have been his finest hour.   In short, the above pictured Heroic Community Organiser,  like the blowhard in the barbershop, would never have had anything to do had he not been born a Negro to some degree or another.   Luckily for the above-pictured individual, he does not have to suffer the boarding, feeding, and veterinarian bills of owning a lop-ear bay with four white socks.   He can prove his useless stupidity just by "being there". 

     Thankfully for the individual pictured above, there are dolts and dumboes who can stumble into a way to attract things that look like a horse-fly that fell into a barrel of Velcro.  With reference to the Floridian shooting, we must proceed on the assumptions that can be drawn from the press reports.   Such measures are always risky, but let us proceed.   To the reasonable observer, we have a very un-photogenic "captain" of a neighbourhood watch committee having been accused of shooting a very presentable young man.
     We have a problem in that the young man was apparently unarmed, and apparently moving around in a public area, with the knowledge of his mother, and without seeming to be bothering anything or anyone.   A case can be made, therefore, that the individual who was legally armed, exceeded the purview of his authority by pursuing the young man some distance away from the area to be protected, having engaged the boy in physical scuffling, and then shooting him, knowing that the police were on the way to determine what the nature of the conflict and situation was.
       It would have seemed to this writer, that given no weapon being used or carried on the person to the boy, and judging by the boy's appearance and criminal record, the "captain'' was, at best (for him) standing with at least one foot outside of his authority and discretion.   Were El Gringo Viejo to have been the Chief of Detective or Chief of Police in Sanford, Florida it would have been necessary to detain the "captain" for some period as allowed by Florida Law.   If it were to be necessary to release him, El Gringo Viejo would have requested a bench order to attach an anklet on the "captain".    It would have been doubly necessary to research the boy's school history, the neighbours, and the community, his church, his living situation.   At this point, it appears as though the boy was a Rockwellian American type.   He did not have drugs, burglary paraphernalia, shoplifted products, or anything like that on or about his person.
     It would have been necessary to research similar matters concerning the "captain",  paraffin and GSR patterns on both the quick and the dead participants, and at least an offer of a polygraphic analysis.   All of the data and information should have been delivered to the District Attorney and there should have been a grand jury immediately empanelled.    Likewise, the established ministers in the Black community should have been met with on their turf, and it should have there been explained that discussing this case in public would jeopardise moving the case forward.   He should also have said, "I want to have any shred of evidence from any of your congregation that would serve to clear or convict either or both of the people involved in this tragedy.   I want any lead, notion, hunch, or hearsay from any reasonable person known to you."'
     And then, El Gringo Viejo would have immediately called the Attorney General and the Florida Department of Public Safety and asked for a special prosecutor and a forensic assistance team, since  a type of security a way...was involved.

     Sadly, to me it seemed that the Black folks in the area, while vocal, were somewhat more restrained than the rabble one finds in the big northern cities.   But, of course, they are Southerners.  This higher level of class, sociability, and reason among the agrieved group was wasted by the Police Chief.   The issue should have been to disarm the entry of racist rabble-rousers immediately by throwing a blanket over the issue and making it a local matter.   But now, the Community Organiser Extraordinaire will be coming down with his friends from the mainstream media, and we'll have another circus.   The Black Panthers will come, the Ku Klux Klowns will come (they are joined at the hip, one living because the other is living because the other is living.... mentally retarded losers),

     In the issue of a similar incident in East Texas, when a black man was dragged behind a pickup by three reprobates of limited intellectual reach, the miscreants were rounded up, tried, and sentenced....two to the death penalty, and one to life imprisonment.    It still wasn't enough for the NALACP, because for some reason or another, even though two of the bums where put to death, somehow it wasn't adequate without there being an additional charge of having committed a hate crime.
     The particular Texas incident was handled without intervention by the central government police such as the FBI and/or the ATFand E.

     Lastly, the individual pictured above has never raised a hand or his voice when a non-black person is killed by a black person.   During the last ten years, over40,000 white people have been murdered by a black person(s).   During the same time period, something under 2,400 black people were killed by white people.   These figures relate to manslaughter and murder in the 2nd up to the capital level of degree.   Never once did the person pictured above lift a finger to condemn the norm.   He is quick to condemn the uncommon occurrence, and frequently winds up being unapologetically wrong.

The inconvenient truth.   Like Algae and Algore.
El Gringo Viejo