Thursday, 22 March 2012

Truth Droppeth as a Tonne of Bricks from Heav'n

RONAL WILSON REAGAN, speaking in 1964, Goldwater Campaign

     This is mandatory viewoing for rightwing crazies and those who want to be rightwing crazies.   It is also required viewing  for those who will see that the truth we tell is true, and the predictions we make about the effect of socialist policies upon society are true.   The incessant meddling in private business, the taxation of industry and industriousness, the establishment of public assistance and welfare as a lifestyle become the down button for any nation's elevator.  Peace through strength, strength through self-relaince.
Ronald W. Wilson
PAUL HARVEY, playing the role of Lucifer

    This will underscore why El Gringo Viejo does not believe in safety nets, lotteries, social progress, or anything that has been talked about in the popular culture for the past 50 years.    This radio vignette is bone-chilling and will serve to re-invigourate your resolve to defeat progressive and pro-socialist forces before they destroy everything.

Thanks for your attention and time.
El Gringo Viejo