Friday, 23 March 2012

Butt Out

Butt Out, Mr. President.
     As in Cambridge, as in Tucson,  this is not your affair.   Legal remedy is being employed.   Your hyperventilation at the opportunity to never let a good crisis go to waste is showing, and it is not a pretty picture.    You do not give a flip about the boy's death.   You do not care about justice.  Your only iron in this fire is the opportunity to somehow connect the death of the young man to the fact that Florida is a concealed carry State, and it also has the Castle Rule now made into law.
     Since you are an incompetent attorney, allow El Gringo Viejo to explain to you that the Castle Rule, also known as the "Stand and Defend" rule, now written into law in Florida, does not include pursuing a person off of the premises under concern.   It only covers the imminent physical danger or significant loss and/or damage to property under the control of the armed resident.
     This case rests solely on the possibility that the young man in question did anything on the premises under the protection of the neighbourhood watch "captain" that would have presented an objective clear and present danger.
     Finally there is process underway, completely and properly under the control of the appropriate authority.   It was a bit too late, however, because the stench of Calypso Louis and the famous Minstrel Character who plays the part of Chaplain to the Amos and Andy Show whose name escapes me now....I think it is Tawano Brawley.
      It will be difficult for them to go into their deranged, hydrophobic slobbering rage as it becomes clear that just over to the West a bit, in that horrible place that has a Confederate Flag incorporated into the State banner, a white boy was just convicted of murdering a black person, and now has the rest of his life to think about his actions,to enjoy free room and board, and 1 hour per day of recreation included.

Deryl Dedmon, 19, of Brandon, Mississippi, has been sentenced in the killing of James Anderson.
 Face of a Dispiccable Person.
Killed a gardener, 17 years married, and known
to be a pillar of the community....a positive force
in his home town.  James Craig Anderson, based
upon our research, was the kind of guy who makes
a community in the South that special positive
place.   Mississippi eis full of them, but they are
never seen in the media of the popular culture.
Deryl Dedmon, 19, of Brandon, Mississippi, has been sentenced in the killing of James Anderson.

(sourced from CNN and verified through two other sources by the Voice from the Sierra Madre Oriental)
  • Deryl Dedmon says he was "ignorant and full of hatred" when he killed Anderson
  • The victim's sister says her family is praying for "racial conciliation"
  • The prosecutor says more charges and arrests are coming
  • Dedmon has been sentenced to two concurrent life terms
Editor's note: This story contains language that some readers may consider offensive.
(CNN) -- A white Mississippi man has been sentenced to life in prison for the 2011 murder of an African-American man, with the judge calling it an inexcusable, "despicable" crime.
Deryl Dedmon pleaded guilty to murder and a hate-crime charge before a judge in Jackson on Wednesday afternoon, admitting to the June killing of James Craig Anderson. Hinds County Circuit Judge Jeff Weill sentenced him to two concurrent life terms, saying, "This craven act isn't who we are."
"Whatever excuse you offer, forget that. There is no excuse," Weill said. He added, "The state of Mississippi condemns this despicable crime."
     Dedmon, 19, told the judge that he was a "changed man" who had found religion since his arrest.  "I wish I could take it all back," he said, adding, "I was young and dumb, ignorant and full of hatred. I chose to go down the wrong path."
Leave us alone.   Black Klanners, White Klanners.....Leave us alone.
El Gringo Viejo