Saturday, 24 March 2012

Allow me to tell you why, Jesse.

Jesse Jackson

Mr. Jackson,
     Why has it taken so long for everyone else to recognise the chronic injustices that African Americans face?   My grandfather lost two brothers serving with the 96th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers in 1863, in two separate engagements with Confederate Divisions just before and just after the encounter at Gettysburg.
     Jefferson Davis had a slave as the Executive Officer of his plantation and business interests before and during the War.   After the War Between the States that same man stayed as a freeman in Davis's organisation.  He was known to be the best estate administrator in Mississippi, better than any white man.

     Abraham Lincoln, on the other hand, favoured the sending of Black people to "dig the Canal" in  Panama, because they were genetically accustomed to the heat and humidity, and because they would not be so sorely missed.
    Jefferson Davis's wife essentially sued for possession of a slave child, owned by a Black man, because she encountered him in Richmond beating the child with a quirt.  She gained the child only after essentially adopting him.   The judge said she would have a claim if she would provide hearth , home, and sustenance to the child, essentially becoming his mother.   The child, Jim Limber, became a fixture at the table of the Jefferson family, and immediately bonded with the Jefferson's eldest son.   The society ladies tittered that Mrs. Davis had obtained herself a "pet Negro", and nobody doubted that Jim Limber had welded into the family.   Mary Todd Lincolnm, on the other hand,  threw ash trays and candy dishes at even her closest Negro employees and friends, blaming them for the "horrid war"....
     The number one thing the Union occupation forces searched for as the Davis family

withdrew to the South at the end of the War was not so much the President of the Confederacy, but rather the person of Jim Limber.   They found him with Mrs. Jefferson and the family and essentially kidnapped him and sent him either to the Bahamas or Jamaica.   Confederate sympathisers either gossiped, assumed, or thought that the Yankees had "silenced" him in a more certain way.   It is more probable that he was banished, like Elian Gonzalez.
A statue of Davis and his
son with Jim Limber, also his son
     Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Adams, and the entire panoply of the Founding Fathers spent much of their time trying to find a way out of the stupidity of the peculiar institution....a way that would not confound the interests of anyone.    The best way was, of course, manumission, and the reinforcement of a stable, religiously based family unit.   Washington was successful in eliminating the practice of selling man, wife, and minor children apart one from the other, a novel idea in his times.
     Jesse Jackson and all the poverty pimps, Al Sharpton and all the race charlatans thrive on the poverty created by programs that "help" the black race in America.   AFDC, Section 8, Public Housing, food stamps, Head Start, WIC, medicaid, and the hundreds of other programs designed to soak the productive while enslaving the dregs, slugs, and criminal elements such programs produce.   Those programs are the life's blood of people like Jackson, Sharpton, and Farahkan.   The have especial ire for the conservative and productive black individuals, spewing hateful epithets and derision at them at every opportunity instead of holding them up as examples. 
     Jesse, you are not worth being allowed to even look at a picture of Booker Tecumseh Washington.   Your and yours are the ones who created the fact of the situation where we are now.   Black thugs murder 20,000 people every year, mostly other black people...some of whom are fellow thugs, many of whom are just normal people going along their way.    They commit something on the order of 300,000 other felonies every year.   Why? Because they have no catechism.   They have no spiritual anchor.  It is not because somebody said a "word" to them....the same word they use to identify themselves when speaking in private or even in public.    No, Jesse, these are the spawn of your works.
     Jesse, you are a piece of scum.   You strutted back to the kitchen, laughing about how you spit into the "rich white crackers soup" when you had what was a pretty high-faluttin' job as a very young waiter at the Country Club down in Carolina.  It was your formative incident.   Then you threatened the black people in the kitchen when they turned you in to the management of the Country Club.   They had have none, and you've been "gettin' back at the man" for that incident ever since.
    You are a shakedown artist....a protection racketeer....and oddly, a perfect example of whitetrash.

Please leave and go to Cuba or Venezuela, where you can putrify with the other old socialists.
El Gringo Viejo